Renting a car offsite


Earning My Ears
Feb 14, 2002
I am going to be going to wdw this Friday. We are flying into Tampa, renting a car and driving to Orlando. We were thinking about not renting from the airport locations but choosing a rental agency outside of the airport to cut costs. Has anyone ever done this? If so can you give some suggestions. I'm not sure how complicated it would be to get to the rental car agency and back etc.
We've used Alamo and would do so again if $$ demanded it, but I'm willing to pay for the quick get-away Dollar's FastLane program gives us. I usually have the car keys before my wife gets the luggage. Don't want to waste any Mickey Time.

Bill From PA
I have used Alamo in Tampa, it is about a 3-5 min. drive from the terminal and the Alamo site provides relatively easy access to the highway.
Often the rates are very similar between onsite and offsite, so, often it is just as cost effective to rent onsite.
Just steer clear of Payless -- they are a nightmare company.


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