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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by huskies90, Oct 21, 2013.

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    My girlfriend bought a contract years ago with an old boyfriend. She has been using the membership since they broke up. She wants to remove his name from the membership and he is fine with that (she paid the majority of purchase cost). Has anyone done this themselves or know someone who files the title change for a reasonable fee? Disney recommends First American Title. They charge $500. Seems really high for simply removing a name. TIA
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    They can do it themselves for under $50 for a single contract. If they want a company to do it, you're talking a min of around $130 and up. It's really fairly simple, here are the steps for Orange County (WDW).

    Contact DVC, by email preferably. They'll send you the transfer packet with forms and instructions to get started.
    Complete Transfer form #1 and send it back in, this will start the ROFR process.
    You should receive back from them a ROFR waiver and a second transfer form.
    At this point you'll need a FL specific deed WITH 2 witnesses (notary can sign separately as one but simply notarizing doesn't count).
    Record the deed, ROFR waiver and the tax form you'll find on the OC website. Pay the fees, last I saw it was $37 to record assuming the deed and ROFR were 2 pages each plus the minimal tax form fee (
    Once recorded, send DVC a copy of the recorded deed along with the second transfer from.

    See this FAQ and click on deed and title transfers HERE. will do it for $95 plus $7 postage and recording fees for FL and many states. They'll also do HI and CA and I think (not sure) they'll do SC as well. they may require you to do the initial ROFR step yourself, I'm not sure, some do. The deed is not a major issue as you have the current deed to work from FL specific deed templates are not overly difficult to come by. Timesharing today has transfer and deed kits as do many stores. I know Office depot used to carry them, not sure if they still do.

    I'd suggest getting everyone done and signed by the other party ASAP even if not ready to sent them on. You never know when something will change in such a situation. Once initiated, go ahead and get working on the deed so you can get the forms signed by the other party all at one time if possible.

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