Remove all the BUGS & SPIES from your COMPUTER!!!!UPDATE


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Sep 15, 1999
I did this last night and my computer is running so much makes rewarding so much quicker!




try it I know you will like it!

I had 25 spy programs on my computer....can you believe it!:mad:

Time to update! new version out. 9-7-03

new one


After you install Hijack this please go to this website and post your own thread with a copy of your log. They will tell you what to remove. And beleive me it is worth it!!!!! I had some real nasties that Spybot and Adaware had not caught.

Also while at please go here and follow his instructions this will really help keep the nasties away

and if you want to do some reading and stillneed help try here


Wow! What an enlightening experience! :mad: I had 48. Some I had loaded on purpos, I do like Gator, but the others had to go!
Thanks Mal!
Please pardon my computer novice questions here, but exactly how do you do this? Did you purchase this program? I was looking for some way to use it for free but I couldn't figure anything out. I'm still somewhat mixed up by these new boards and all the new things I have to learn to do here!:confused:

it is freeware just download it to your desktop then click on the icon and it will install. then go to start-programs-AdWare46 click on AdWare then scan my computer.

If you need more help just ask I will be glad to help.

Judy-wow 48 I thought I was bad with 25!


Hey, I ahd 10 files, all cookies, prolyl so smalla s i defraged yesterday, but i ahd 20 spy files..what are these?

Also, when I d oreward programs, i keep gettign a degug message...anyone else gettign this?
that track your everymove on the computer some even go as far as stealing your credit card numbers then report everything back to whoever.

Like Gator.It is kindof like Big Brother watching everything you do.


I downloaded and ran the scan. I have 38 found. How do I know what to delete. Do I need any of these to run something. There are a couple listed for a minigolf game that my kids have. Thanks for holding my hand through this. I get so nervous deleting.
we found around 100..including gator...i hate gator...jerks.


Can you tell DD wrote this? She's the one that ran the program for me. I'm a computer dunce!
hi dmslush...i want to know..well actually, my mother wants to know, how did you put the picture under your member name at every post? or even if you can just tell me how to put it in my mom's signature that would be awesome. thanx a bunch.

The picture is called an avatar and can be added by going to user cp and edit options. It is the last one listed.
THat made a big difference in speed for me. I had 38 programs. Where the heck did they come from? Are they from like the Spedia bar and things like that? Thanks for the link, Mal.
Thanks, Mal

For both the link and the info on how to use it. I found 68 on my computer. Most of them were from the MyComet cursor that I had installed, and some Alexa files. Thanks to you they are all gone now.

My next trick is to go try and learn about installing an avatar in my profile:)
Thanks a bunch for posting this site. I cannot believe some of the JUNK that was on my computer. Now it is gone and, hopefully, I will be better able to monitor any "reappearances" with the help of this new program. I am going to forward it to my daughter at college. Someone has been infiltrating and stealing her email and IM screen names, maybe this can help put a stop to that also. Anything is worth a try!
Thanks again,
Thanks Mal ~
That's a great program...


PS....... I ran it twice in a roll.. It found another one on the second scan..


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