rehearsal for intimates?

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    hello ladies. I was wondering if intimates have the option to have a rehearsal? I mean if you still have a wedding party they still need to know what to do etc. and I would like to meet the reverend ahead of time etc. so to me it only makes sense even if I have to pick an odd time to have it. Is there anything like that or a meeting with your coordinator etc.? Anyone have any experience with this. Thanks a ton!
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    Officially, there is no rehearsal for intimate brides. Let your coordinator know how you want things to go (they can give some advice too) and they will coordinate who needs to be where and when.

    As for meeting the thoughts are this: since his services are no longer included in the intimate package (and you are contracting with him directly) ask him if you can schedule a meeting with him the day before. He may charge you a bit extra, but I would guess that if his schedule allows, he will do that for you.

    On the day of your wedding, your coordinator will call you (probably at least 2 hours before your ceremony). You will go over some details at that time, and there will be more communications as your ceremony time gets closer.

    I can understand if you feel a little nervous about the "lack" of control you have, but really, trust the coordinator! They really are pros!;)

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