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    Jan 4, 2011
    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to post this recommendation. I know many of you have laptops and computers for your students... and I just read a horrible thread about someones laptop being stolen.

    So, I wanted to repost what I put there, cause I think it could be helpful for everyone and save everyone a lot of money:

    for anyone that has a child in school that uses a computer, whether it is a laptop or desk top, you should look into getting it insured through a student insurance company.

    I taught in a 21st century lighthouse school. We recommended this insurance for ALL our students. IT covers EVERYTHING for basically very little. Small deductible and is a very good company.

    I do not work there anymore (at the school) and my children not longer attend that school. But we still keep the insurance. As long as your child is a student this insurance covers it.

    You just can't go wrong. We pay about 55.00 a school year and have a 100.00 deductible. It has more coverage than homeowners or private property insurance.

    From their site:

    5. How much does SIP's plan cost?

    Our laptop insurance policies are very affordable. The cost will depend on the coverage amount you need and which deductible you select. We have many coverage amounts and deducitbles to choose from. Our most popular policy ($900 of coverage with a $100 deductible) has an annual premium of just $55. Compare our plan's deductibles to those of your homeowners policy ($500 to $1,000+). Click here for more information about our rates, deductibles, and premiums.

    6. Are any other items of mine covered under my policy besides my laptop/desktop computer and its peripherals?

    Yes, here at Student Insurance Partners, we are always looking for new ways to best serve our policy holders. In addition to your laptop/desktop computer, and its peripherals, you can cover these additional items, that you may own: cell phone/smartphone (excludes iPhone), iPod Touch, iPod, MP3 player, PDA (palm pilot), digital camera and gaming systems!

    7. Does SIP's policy cover the laptop off schools grounds?

    Yes. It covers the laptop worldwide including; in apartments, hotels, residence halls, and even during study abroad and property in storage.

    8. If someone steals a laptop, will the PLAN cover that loss?

    Yes, unless stolen from a vehicle that was not locked. There must be proof of forced entry into the vehicle to have the stolen item covered.

    9. If a laptop is lost and is insured by the plan, is that covered?

    No, laptops misplaced, lost, left behind are not covered. Items stolen by theft, burglary, or robbery are covered. A police report must be filed for these types of losses.

    ************************************************** ******

    The school and its students have been using it for years, and many other schools both private and public recommend it to their parents. You do not have to affiliated with any type of school, just as long as you are a student.

    Anyway, just thought I would share.

    BTW: I do not work for this company or get credit for recommending them, just thought some people would like to know and would find it helpful.
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    Posted on another thread as well...

    I purchased a rider on my homeowners policy, It costs me $19 per year, it covers every computer we own for loss, damage, theft, and programs, it doesn't cover of course normal wear and tear, and intentional damage (duh), anyway its a $50 deductible, and a $5,000 cap. This my friends is a no brainer, you must add this to your policies. We are a 2 MacBook Pro family and can't afford to shell out thousands for replacements.

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