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    Jul 12, 2001
    We are having the hardest time finding a reception room that has windows! I would love to have the reception at the GF but all of their ball rooms look like for walls, I wanted something more with a view at least a few windows. We have 50-60 which eliminates the California Grill private rooms and Areials won't be open when we have our wedding. We have talked to the sales person who is also racking his brains as well. So if we can't find anything with windows how does the GF look inside the ball rooms. I've seen pictures but do you really get the feeling that you are in one big room or is it so nicely decorated that you don't even realize it? Or do you have to spend a bunch of money on ficus trees and fountains? Or is the Yacht Club decorated better? I just am really stumped I love everthing but am not to impressed with the actual venues.
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    Have you seen the Whitehall Room at GF? If I remember right it has nice windows. You could also consider - depending on the time of year - doing something outside. There is a pavillion at the Boardwalk that is covered, the Yacht and Beach Club have great areas for parties, and then there are areas around the GF and Poly. Whitehall Room also had a patio area with a great garden - that is nice as it is "pre-decorated" and can save some floral/decorating budget for other things.
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    We're having a daytime reception at Citricos restaurant in the GF. HUGE windows. As far as I understand Citricos is closed during the day and only opens a few nights a week, so it might be available.

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    The WhiteHall Room & Patio at the GF has a beautiful view and during the day is filled with sunlight. However, it may be too small for your number of guests, unless you utlize the patio as well.

    The Member's Attic on the Boardwalk also has many windows, and a huge balcony with a great view of the Boardwalk (and of Illuminations fireworks at night), but is also limited in size, and can only serve buffets. I can't recall now if your group is too large or not for it.

    There is also St. James Hall & Patio at the Boardwalk, with beautiful French Doors at one end and a large patio outside. We had our Pre-Reception here during our wedding.

    The Marvin Gardens Ballroom at the Boardwalk also has large windows (though they were closed during our reception, as we were creating a nighttime atmosphere for our Midsummer Night's Dream themed reception).

    Citricos at the GF sometimes hosts Wedding Receptions on its off-hours, and it has gorgeous windows and views. You might want to look into this.

    The Contemporary has two ballrooms - the Napa Room and one other (I cannot recall the name) at the top of the resort, which has views of the Magic Kingdom in one and the Lagoon in another.

    What time of year are you planning your wedding? Have you considered an outside wedding reception at all?

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