Raised Seal on B-Certificate?


Earning My Ears
Dec 20, 1999
My wife and I are taking Birth Certificates with raised seals on the cruise, but we have a birth certificate for our 1.5 year old that does not have a raised seal. There shouldn't be any problems with him, will there? Thanks.
Some states do not have a raised seal on the birth certificates. You need to make sure it is a 'certified copy'.
We had a birth certificate for our 6 y/o DD and I think it has a raised seal. It is in the safe and it is too late to dig it out and check. Anyway, the point is that no one even looked at her birth certificate. I probably could have had someone elses child with me. We had her KTTW card, a must, along with her BC but only the card was run through the machine. My passport was checked several times but not DD's BC. The same for my wife when she went through.
they check children's birth certificates only at port canaveral. i think the idea is that if they are cleared at the port, they are okay. adult documentation is what is scrutinized.

i spoke with my rep at dcl and she said that ins (not dcl) requires the raised seal. copies are not acceptable. she has a uk-born, but american citizen, son with a special certificate that states this. when she has gone on the cruise with her family, dcl at the port always takes this document to someone backstage to ensure that it is acceptable proof of citizenship, so there is an ins rep somewhere backstage in case of questions.

When I went last October, my daughter and myself had the kind of birth certificates withOUT a raised seal. We had no problems. As a matter of fact, no one even checked them to see if they even WERE birth certificates - Mainly customs, I Literally could have taken a piece of blank paper, and no one would have known. They didn't even take it out of the little envelope it came in.


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