rainforest package How Much?

It was fifty dollars for the week long cruise. Not sure what it would be on the three day...
Later in the week, they offered a 3 day pass for $30. I got the week pass and loved it. Don't go first thing in the morning--nothing is working well at 8:00--this to me was more relaxing than the cabana massage. If we go again, I will do this again.
Sue is right. I'ts 50 per person for the entire week...and worth
every cent and every minute you spend in there. It's the only
time I get to relax and besides the Spa treatments I got....the
best relaxing thing on the ship.


OK, this may be a dumb question, but what does the Rainforest package include, wife and I are going to do the Sureal Bath, but if the Rainforest sounds good, we may do that also.

Norm for Kim
The rainforest room is a suite of rooms containing a separate room which is a dry sauna, a camomile steam room, a eucalyptus steam room, various showers (overhead and side), and a large room containing four tiled chaise lounges which are heated, and are next to a bubbling fountain with colored lights. It is wonderfully relaxing.
Thank you so much for your quick reply NCredding, so once you pay $50 for the week, you can go whenever you want? or do you reserve a specific time each day that you go?


Norm for Kim

Norm and Kim....you can go anytime you want....and stay as long as you want. It's open from 0800-2200. One day...I think it was St. Maarteen day...there were four of us ladies in the hot tile chairs....sound asleep....all snoring...so we were told.....lol It was a hoot.....

The steam rooms are great....dh likes the really hot one that
has aromatherapy in it....it not only cleans out your pores..but
you sinuses. He and I ususally do this together..but one of had
to watch dd at the pool..so we only got to go together once this
trip. I usually took a book..but usually wound up taking a nap!!

here is a tip for you about that surial bath thing...you're going to go in there and they will give you a bowl full of 3 different types of clay; one for face, 2 for body. They lock the door, and....well. Anyway, start with the body clay, not the face clay. It is very hard to be romantic with white clay all over your face. It is very easy to be romantic whilst slathering clay all over each other, however. Perhaps do the face clay...later. Another tip. If you do pay the 50 for the rainforest room..and I do recommend it...go there for 30 mins or so before your surial bath,and have them fetch you from there. You will be relaxed and perfectly in the mood for what it next. All the other couples are waiting (like we did) on the couch in the lobby, just sure that everyone walking by knows they are about to have sex in the steam room.
Have fun!
Do you have to make reservations right away for the week long Rainforest Package? Since you can come and go as you please I was wondering if they had a limit on these packages or can you sign up for them anytime during the cruise.

Thank you in advance for any information.
I'm pretty sure you can sign up for it anytime..they had it advertised all week. It was never crowded when I went. One tip..you might want to pay for just one day to see if you will like it before you plop down $50. There is so much to do on the ship that you might not get to it everyday. You might be better off paying the $30 for 3 days. If you are having a treatment, it is only $8 additional to go the the RF room that day, so if you schedule a massage or whatever on your first sea day, pay the $8 extra to go to the RF room and see what you think.
"Be just sure that everyone walking by knows they are about to have sex in the steam room."

Becca61, you are a naughty, naughty, girl, the thought about doing that in the steam room never crossed my mind!!! LOL
perhaps I am being a little too "steamy" for the internet? haha
Really, though...when I was in the Rain Forest room one day I saw the massage therapist come get a guy from the RF room to take him back for his massage and I thought what a great idea that was. You get a chance to relax and get mentally ready for your treat. A vast contrast to waiting (and waiting) out there on that couch in the lobby. When I was going to the RF room every day, I passed couple after couple sitting there waiting thier turn, looking as uncomfortable as I am sure we did when we were waiting. I think Vista should recommend it, or even include the RF room with the surial bath...don't you?
Okay, so I didn't go to the surial bath, but everytime I went to the Spa I arrived early (that's just my nature) and I was asked if I wanted to wait in the Rainforest room - let me tell you, lying there on the heated lounge chair - half asleep - it's annoying when they come in and ask you to follow them... much rather stay in the chair!

You don't have to make any reservations. Just go when you can. They kept our names
on a little card and just checked it everytime we went in. They will also keep your KTWC
while you are there. They will give you a key for a locker to put your clothes in. I always
kept my book, key and the pager with me and my glasses. I went in the frist
day with my contacts...but contacts are not condusive to steam and "sweat". So I would
go read the stuff on the showers, etc...take my glasses off...lay them by the water fountain..and the try to mange from there.

Enjoy...the RF is one of the most relaxing things do to on the ship............

does anyone know when the rainforest opens in the morning?
i am an early morning person and that sounds great to do while waiting for wife and kids to wake up.


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