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    Hi all!

    DF and I have been looking at a Disney wedding for a bit now: originally we were planning a mini-Wishes package, largely because he had about 10 people he wanted to invite, and by the time we added our must haves (primarily the two park photo shoot), we were at the mini-Wishes minimums anyway.

    We are looking at late April 2018 for a Memories wedding now, after having a long discussion regarding stress, frustration, and not wanting to wait until 2019 to afford everything we would want from a larger wedding. As of right now, I think this is the route we will now be taking.

    Yay! Lol

    My big questions are these: I know not much of a Memories wedding can be modified. We will of course ask DSD and DSS to attend if they wish, and will very likely go out to eat afterward. I know floral and photography are the only two areas that they tend to show any flexibility for this package, so here are my questions.
    Can the bouquets be modified from the preselected ones? DF loves the blue orchid bout, I'd like a matching bouquet, but with red roses mixed in, or red roses and white orchids. They have a bouquet like I'd like in the Escape package. Would they allow me to make those changes and pay any difference?
    Would we be able to modify the petal circle option they offer? Like maybe a mini aisle lining of petals or something?
    Will DFAP do "getting ready" shots, if we pay for a longer block of time? Or even some "first dance" shots immediately following the ceremony, just so we would have them?
    Finally, we would be going to eat afterward, and of course, the ONLY cake we both love was one posted to the DFTW blog a while ago. Does anyone have any idea what they might charge for a smaller version of this, since we don't need a cake that serves 85, but I think we would be okay with something on a smaller scale, even if it was way too much cake for us, lol!
    Thanks everyone, for all your help and input!!
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    It's worth asking. They try to make the Memories package as easy to assemble as possible, but if it's not hard for the floral team to do, that shouldn't be a problem.

    They should let you modify the arrangement. If they do, be sure that your final BEO specifically states how the petals should be arranged so that you don't get the default circle.

    Yes, you can add photography for $250/hour. You might also want to look into having an outside photographer instead. They usually have low-cost options for small weddings and then you'll know exactly who you're getting and what their style is like.

    The cake topper costs $125. For a 6-inch cake that looks like the top layer of that one (and/or has the image wrap around it like the middle tier) you are looking at $150-$200. Pricing depends on where you order it. The Grand Floridian and Yacht & Beach Club seem to charge the most, while the Contemporary is usually more of a bargain. I have complete cake-ordering info here:

    Hope this helps!
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