Question: Parking at HRH?


Mar 1, 2001
Hi all, we'll be staying at the HRH later this year (love those Entertainment rates!) and having never been there I wondered about parking.

Is the entrance to HRH easy to see - I have this image of driving onto the property and ending up on the 3 floor of that mongo parking structure...

Is there parking at the hotel or is it all 'valet' - i.e. do they take your car to the parking garage (I know they doon't have a terrible lot of space to waste on parking lots).

Anyway - REALLY looking forward to trying out the hotel (and especially the FOTL priveleges!).

Oh - does anyone know if all children get the "bags o'stuff" that I've heard of, or do I need to sign up with the Lowe's 'first' program?


Have Fun


DIS Veteran
May 29, 2000
There is free self parking, and the hotel itself is easy to find, just follow the signs and I don't think you'll have a problem.

One night I was staying there self-parking was filled and we had to valet park ...


Mar 22, 2001
Getting to the HRH parking is easy. From the Major Blvd/ Univeral Blvd intersection, just go North to the next light and make a left into the entrance to HRH. About half way up the drive, will be a sign pointing out that you can turn left or right (larger parking area) for self parking, or straight ahead for valet parking. I don't know how much the valet parking costs, but self parking is free for hotel guests, and we never had a problem finding a spot. Occasionally had to wait a couple minutes for someone to leave. When you go into self parking the first time, you'll have to stop & get a ticket on the drivers side as you enter, but after that, just use your room key to open the gate, coming & going.


DIS Veteran
Aug 20, 1999
I had trouble finding a parking space at 3 pm, so I just used valet parking. It costs $10 per day. It was worth $10, as I did not have to worry about my car for the rest of the trip.


Barry Hom
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

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