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Earning My Ears
Sep 10, 2001
Currently have ASMo booked for 11/23 - 11/28. Was told that ASMo was not part of the discounted codes. My question is, since we had preferred room in Fantasia section, would it be beneficial to try to get either Port Orleans or Carribean Beach as an alternative??? Woudl it cost about the same amount?? Any help would be much appreciated.....


May 26, 2001
If I checked correctly the preferred room at ASMo is $87 + tax a night and the moderates with the code published 7/22 is $85 + tax a night. I would definitely call for availability.
We stay at both the All Stars and the various moderates pretty often and while they both have pros and cons I would go for the moderate.... and I'll put in a plug for my favorite..... Port Orleans French Quarter.

Have a great time either way.


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Nov 25, 2001
I did get ASMo for 77.00 a night Dec.10-14th with AAA discount-preferred rooms.When the new codes came out I decided to go with CBR for 94.00 w/tax a night to experience something different-can't wait!We plan on spending a little more time at the hotel this visit so we can DEFINATELY justify spending the extra$$$!!
AGAIN,wherever you stay you will be in WDW!!Can't get much better than that even if cost wasn't an issue RIGHT?Have fun!!!I know I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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