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Aug 16, 1999
For those of you who have the Entertainment card, does your card have your name on it or just a membership number? I guess what I am asking is, could I use someone else's card to check into a hotel? Thanks :)
The entertainment card does not have your name on it. You can use someone else's card to check into a hotel. In fact I have loaned my entertainment card to someone just for this purpose.
We've used our entertainment card for hotels one time, we paid $74.00 a night, and overheard someone else checking in got $59.99 rate so we asked and were told the entertainment discount comes off of the rack roon rate so you are better off to ask if there are any specials first. AAA is what we usually get a better deal using. You can however use anyones card.
Thanks Sharbear and ceecee for the information. I'll be using a friends EC this weekend for a local get-away.
We used our Ent book card for a Hertz car last April in Orlando. We got an SUV and saved about $200.00, we also saved about $250 on restaurants thru the year. It was great, but with around I am not buying a book this year. Already mousesavers has saved me $550 USF!
However you are supposed to sign the back of the card when you get it. If the card is signed that may be a problem.
I've never even been asked to show my card. I just told them I was an entertainment member and they took my word for it.


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