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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by itutorfortravel, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. itutorfortravel

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Good morning!

    My family is likely going to be booking a cruise in the next few weeks. My DD and I will drive, but DH will have to fly because of a work committment that he cannot reschedule. I have tried pricing flights on my own but they're either very expensive or the times aren't working out with a comfortable cushion of time around them to make me feel comfortable being able to get him and get to the ship. So, I think we will use DCL air so that we KNOW they will transfer him to the ship and wait for him!!!

    Anyhow, I've priced this online so I know what I'm looking at cost-wise for R/T air. My question is whether it's possible to book only a 1 way flight? I know sometimes those are more expensive, so it may not work in my favor, but if it were cheaper to do that I'd like to have the option since DH will drive home with us.

    So, has anyone done this before with DCL? Thanks to anyone who can answer this question for me!
  2. sambycat

    sambycat DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2007
    Just to clarify, you are asking if dcl will book a one way flight I think? I can't imagine why they wouldn't but I'm guessing it would be even more $$ then booking one way on your own. It's not always prohibitive though. I can understand wanting to have done support from dcl since your conbectiobs are tight but ice read it isn't always a matter of them holding a ship for someone , it could be a matter of them getting you to the next port which could be missing a lot as well. I've actually not ever done trip insurance, maybe you do all the time, but I think I would consider it here. I've not booked airfare with dcl, are get only open weekdays or something? I would call them and ask.

    Good luck with planning!
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  4. itutorfortravel

    itutorfortravel I tutor high school math to pay for my travel addi

    Apr 1, 2008
    Thanks, we've sailed DCL before and there are direct flights from our city to Orlando so I'm not panicked about that.

    My concern is that for us to do this on our own, I would either have to pick up my DH in Jacksonville at midnight on Friday (it's only an hour flight) or at MCO at around 1 pm on Saturday. I know these are within the window of time for getting there, but I don't want to be responsible for airfare glitches or be driving all over stressing myself out to pick up my DH with my kids in tow. The extra $ may be worth it in our case (to us, anyway).

    We always buy DCL insurance, which is costly but gives us protection to move our money to another cruise if we need to cancel and I've always considered that important.
  5. sayhello

    sayhello Have Camera, Will Travel

    Oct 28, 2006
    Are you sailing on Saturday? And planning to pick up your husband at MCO at 1pm the day you sail??? I would NEVER EVER plan on that. The chances of all of you missing the ship is huge. I had a one-hour flight to Chicago once that got delayed 6 hours because of mechanical issues.

    I know the Midnight Friday flight doesn't sound appealing, but at least you have way more options if his flight is late or cancelled.

    And I don't know how sticklerish DCL would be, but, technically, if you book your husband on DCL air, they're only responsible to get him to the ship, not you and your kids. Because they won't necessarily hold the ship for him. They may make arrangements for him to meet the ship at the first foreign port. Leaving you and your kids to make your own arrangements to get there with him.

    Personally, if you have him fly air that DCL arranges, I'd get him DCL transfers to the port also, so that your entire family would not be stranded, missing the cruise.

  6. owensamo

    owensamo DIS Veteran

    Mar 19, 2002
    Not sure where you would be flying from, but it seems like there should be more flights than that! Have you looked at other nearby airports, or other airlines?

    That said, if I was going to pick my DH up, it would be the midnight flight. We'd stay in that area, and drive to the port in the morning. The 1pm flight at MCO is cutting it close - for that one I'd make DH take DCL transportation and meet him *on* the ship (not in the terminal). That way if his flight did get delayed for whatever reason, DCL can get him to the next port and you'd still be on the ship as well.

    It doesn't hurt to call DCL and see if they'll book one-way air. I would be surprised if they didn't - I'm sure people do it for TA cruises!
  7. GatorMomInNC

    GatorMomInNC DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2011
    Have you priced a one way car rental from Jax to PC? Your husband could rent it either that night or early the next morning and meet you in PC.

    DCL is going to have the same option of flights that you do, so not sure how going with them is going to improve the situation. It will however, cost more, and you have no control over what flights they choose.

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