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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by bsbrady, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. bsbrady

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    Jan 21, 2007
    I am almost ready to buy into the DVC. Still deciding whether resale or from Disney. Also deciding where to buy, will probably go w/ SSR because it is a longer deal. The one question I have is, I keep seeing people buying Add-on's. What is this. Can I add more points to my contract for another property?
  2. LisaS

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Yes, members can add on more points at any DVC resort. Minimum purchase is 25 points (50 if you want Disney financing) but you can purchase any number of points: 27 points, 83 points, whatever you need. Current prices are $95/pt at BCV, BWV and VWL, and $92/pt at OKW, VB, HHI and there are no closing costs. ETA: I think it's currently $91/pt at SSR if you add on at least 50 points, otherwise it is $101/pt.

    The points will be the same Use Year as your existing contract and will have the same base contract number with an ".001" extension. Points from the master and add-on contracts can be pooled when making a reservation. If the points are all at the same resort, you can combine them to make a reservation 11 months from check-out at that resort. If you add on at a different resort, then you can combine the points to make a reservation 7 months from check-out. (In other words, if you purchase 150 SSR points now and add on 50 points at BCV, then you can book at SSR 11 months out with your SSR points and book at BCV at 11 months out with your BCV points but you cannot use SSR points at BCV until 7 months out and vice versa.)

    Some people purchase a small add-on at a different resort and then bank and/or borrow the points from that contract to accumulate enough points for a stay there every other year or every third year. For example, with a 50-point add-on at BCV, you would have 50 points to use every year, or 100 points to use every other year or 150 points to use every third year.
  3. Connears

    Connears Connears

    Mar 14, 2003
    We added on to our 210 OKW points by adding 50 points at HHI, specifically to get 11 month window for June, July months. We usually bank or borrow to have 100pts and that's enough for 3 nights in the peak summer months. Other times we go at christmas which is very low point season. Depends on what we do with OKW points each year. They are the same contact number with a decimal extension both same use year. We added on points via resale and there was no problem at all. Just remember, with an add-on, you only have the 11 month window for the number of points for THAT resort(if it different form your original contract). We love having both contracts.

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