Price difference between ROFR thread and available contracts

The ROFR thread lags behind the market, the deals posted were negotiated a month or 2 months or more ago. If the market’s hot/rising the prices posted on the thread will seem low, if the market is falling (which hasn’t happened for awhile) they’ll seem high.
I agree. Right now you can only look at the most recent sales because prices since March have been rising so fast.

I’ve read that towards the end of the year/early in the next year when people are facing paying their MFs there might be more folks deciding to sell creating a bit more of a buyers market, but don’t know if that is correct - especially since a lot of folks pay MFs on a monthly basis.
We heard that on the 3000+ post thread “Where do you think DVC prices are headed?” all last year but it didn’t happen. I don’t think anybody should hold their breath. Could it happen, now that stimulus checks have been spent and people go back to their regular income? Yes. But, it’s just speculation.

If you have the money to buy, I wouldn’t wait. Prices aren’t guaranteed to go down. However, the years remaining on the contracts are.


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