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Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by JenniferW, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. JenniferW

    JenniferW Guest

    Have been on two trips to IOA and US, and now am considering a 3rd. My concern is that this time I am pregnant and will be 17-18 weeks along when I would go. Wondering what I would not be able to do? This is my first child so I'm not even sure if other people who have been pg would think it is even a good time to go with the walking, etc. Looking to go end of Sept. Thought that the morning sickness should be over and I won't be huge so seemed a decent time to go.

    Any advice?

  2. zippehsmom

    zippehsmom <font color=red>and Hannahs too!!<font color=orang

    Aug 11, 2000
    Congrats Jennifer!

    I'm interested in any responses as well. I'll be about 20 weeks along when we come down in August. I've never been to US/IOA, so as you can imagine I'm a little upset about not being able to ride much. HOwever, on the good side I've used this as an excuse with hubby to bring me back after the baby comes.

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  4. pauldents

    pauldents DIS Veteran

    Jan 5, 2002
    We would also like to hear any reply's you have on this. My wife will be 18 weeks pregnant when we start our two week stay at the HR on September 27th. (We booked the trip before we knew she was pregnant).
    We both know the rides are out of the question, but are there things to do besides sitting around the pool ? As nice as that is !

    Thanks Paul.

    PS We wiil have tickets to IOA, US and City walk for the duration.
  5. lisag1

    lisag1 Mouseketeer

    May 6, 2001
    Just wanted to say congratulations to you all!!

    I've been to Orlando/USA with everyone of my pregnancies and I've had 3 and I've had no problems.

    First time round was when we were getting married in Las Vegas and honeymooning in San Fransisco I found out I was pregnant (only just - 5 weeks).

    The 2nd & 3rd time was when I was approx 6 & 8 months pregnant and again I had no problems whatsover. My only gripe was that I couldn't go on any of the rides!! My only comments would be to make sure you drink plenty of water, take it slowly around the parks, rest when you need to. It's a great time to go when you're mid-trimester as you still have lots of energy, morning sickness has normally gone and you don't look and feel like a beached whale!!!

    Have a brilliant time and don't let having young children put you off going back. This trip will be my 5 year old's fourth visit!!!

  6. zippehsmom

    zippehsmom <font color=red>and Hannahs too!!<font color=orang

    Aug 11, 2000
    Thanks for the tips Lisa:D

  7. MsDisney

    MsDisney DIS Veteran

    May 11, 2000
    HI guys!!! Congrats to you all!!!

    I went to USF when I was about 6 months pg with my 2nd child...and there was very little at the studios I couldn't do. I was advised for that trip that the rule of thumb is to avoid rides that spin or drop, thus pulling fluid away from the baby as it can cause a separation or something...
    So, that said...MIB is out, as are the coasters (IOA wasn't there yet when I went) and most of IOA stuff. Cat in the Hat can be set to not spin...Popeye's should be ok big's just zippy. Spidey probably spins more than I would recommend.
    At the studios, there will be signs for almost everything (Kong, Earthquake) since they have to advise against most everything, but aside from MIB, there is nothing at the studios that I didn't do, or that would pull the fluid away from the baby. They might jostle you around a bit, but the baby is well protected in there from that!
    Drink lots and lots of water and enjoy the shows too...those are all fun...don't miss Terminator 3D!!!
    Have fun!!!

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