Pre-SURVIVOR, Pre-DL Trip Report (sorta)

Greg K.

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Aug 18, 1999
Just a quickie pre-Anaheim note from Television City...

As some of you know, I'm here to work on the SURVIVOR REUNION, airing this Thursday. (Set your VCR -- 10 pm et/pt -- right after the finale.) My wife was fortunate enough to join me on the trip, so we've been seeing a few sights (and sites!) in the City of Angels in our free time.

First and foremost: Burbank. Yes, Burbank. Saturday found us in Burbank, shopping the thrift stores on Magnolia Blvd -- specifically "It's A Wrap," a fabulous outlet that sells once-or-twice-worn costumes from TV shows, movies and soaps. We first discovered it last year, and came back for seconds (and for several hours!) this year. How good are the bargains? Well, I picked up a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, with the tag still attached (evidently unused!) for $12. My wife walked away with an Armani silk suit for $200. If you have the time and the inclination, "It's A Wrap" is a MUST.

Looking at my map, I noticed that Disney studios was nearby, so we drove over to have a look. You can't get in -- or, at least, I couldn't -- but you can drive by and see the glorious, magical main building, with the roof propped up by seven GIGANTIC dwarves. :p I was elated, and took several pictures. It's really something to see. I drove around the block, but couldn't get a glimpse of the Sorcerer's Apprentice hat which houses the Animation division. :( . Oh well.

The studio where we're working on the SURVIVOR finale is the same one where Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer have been rehearsing ON GOLDEN POND -- and I caught a VERY brief glimpse of Ms. Andrews striding toward her limo a few days back. My heart skipped a beat. I was hoping I'd get to actually MEET her (a couple of my colleagues did, last week) but, no luck. MARY POPPINS remains, of course, the Greatest Achievement in Modern Cinema. How tragic I didn't get to share that opinion with her... :( . answer those who are wondering: no, I do not know the identity of the ultimate SURVIVOR. I can report, however, that there will be a few surprises on the finale, and during the reunion special. (Kel and Jerri do NOT like each other at all, for example, which could make things interesting.)

Also, several of the castaways have neat endorsement deals in the works: Rodger, for Ensure; Kel for Slim Jims (surprise, surprise!); Alicia for GNC Nutrition Centers.

The heavy betting around here is that Colby and Elisabeth are about to become HUGE stars -- or at least, huge celebrities (whether he wins or not), purely on their sex appeal and charisma.

So there you have it. For now. I'll post a fuller report when things wrap here...and after I've visited Anaheim.
Hi Greg.

Very interesting info. you have here....I'm not a SURVIVOR fan, nor do I recognize much of what you mentioned, but it was interesting nontheless. :)

Hope you got my e-mail. You sound like a busy person, but if you can make it to one of our meets, that would be WONDERFUL! :) :) :)

Yep, I gotcher e-mail and will check with my travel agent (my wife) to see what we're doing and when! :D. It's a small world, after I'm hoping we can pop over to one of the meets!
Sounds great! :D Just happy to know that you'll at least try. :)


Thanks for the mini-trip report. I love hearing any Survivor tidbits!!! Can't wait till Thursday!!! :bounce:


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