Pre-booking Future Cruise while on Board?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by VLee, Oct 21, 2007.

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    I've read where you can book while still on board for discount and can book more than one room. I understand you pay deposit of $250 per person for 7 day cruise. Is this correct?

    Questions: Can you add more people in future, as long as they are within the limit for each room? For example, four of us are cruising, but on the next cruise, there will probably be 6--so 2 rooms would be needed. Would my deposit be for the 4 or 6?

    What if some of us decide to go different dates? Example, 2 decide to cruise at a different time than the 4.

    I assume you can book your cruise as far ahead that the schedule has been announced. Let us say, by then, I book for 2009. If I see that I can't go in 2009, would I be able to rebook for 2010, keeping the discounts and associated perks.

    I really would like for my granddaughter who is 7 months right now to make the next trip --after she turns 3, so that she can go to the children's clubs.
    That would put her going in 2010.
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    Hope that helps!

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