Pot Luck Question?


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Oct 21, 2002
When asked to bring a dish, what do you usually bring?
I do potato salad or deviled eggs.
Usually macaroni and cheese :)

some sort of MN hot dish, like tatertots/hamburger.

Depends on the group involed. When we did it with Cub Scouts, I always wanted to take something healthy and easy that kids would eat. I usually took grapes cut into small bunches and Jello jigglers. Now with adults I will take a layered green salad.

Deviled eggs. If I didn't bring them I wouldn't be allowed at the party, cookout, etc. :earboy2:
It depends on my mood. I made a 7 layer taco dip for my military spouses club tonight, I made garlic herbed mashed potatoes for the Thanksgiving luncheon, then there is orzotto w/ herbs and mushrooms, veggies in garlic cream sauce, broccoli rice casserole, southern style potato salad, and I won't mention desserts. I like to cook (my mom is a 5* chef so it runs in the family LOL). I get alot of recipes online so I don't make the same thing all the time.
Seven layer taco dip sounds so good, is it easy to make?


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