Portrait Session @ Epcot -- Time?


Earning My Ears
Sep 12, 2018
Hi! I'm booking a private park portrait session at Epcot and I'm wondering if anyone knows what time this takes place? I know it's generally in World Showcase so it's probably not as early as MK or DAK (though I'm hoping to sneak in some Future World shots...) but does anyone that's done this have thoughts on what the timeframe is? I want to be able to book in food for afterward but am not sure when we'd be done!

Samantha Egbert

Earning My Ears
Dec 5, 2017
Our pick-up time from Wilderness Lodge to Epcot is 7:00. If you are not doing more than one park it should be about the same. I don't believe the portrait sessions go longer than an hour. I would not get your heart set on FW shots, but it never hurts to ask!! Ahead of time and day of. :)

To give you travel time and such I wouldn't book anything before 8:30/9:00. Safe side and what not.


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