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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by littlesuitcase, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. littlesuitcase

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    Jan 10, 2005
    Can you request a room at PopCentury? We have paid for a preferred room and ask that we not face the poll (heard it is noisy) but when I asked she said she doesn't have a lot of space to put a note in for the request and just put not facing pool. Can I call back and ask for topfloor, corner room facing lake? Or do you do that at checkin? We won't be there till about 8pm so I am assuming that would be considered a late checkin?

    I read the 50s building is good but would that be considered a preferred building? I don't want to pay the extra and then have to walk a bunch (we wont have a car). I also read that the right side of the building if you are at the top you can see fireworks.

    If I can request what do I say and is the top a long walk?
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    Dec 3, 2004
    I called CRO 01/17/05 to make ressies at POP for May and told her I wanted a corner room on the top floor on the 50's or 70's building facing the lake, preferably with a view of the fireworks (if I'm in the 50's Building) and she said 'no problem just let me put that in'. She then read it back to me, but said 'you know this is just a request and can't be guaranteed' which of course I knew. I figured by requesting one of two buildings that I might have a better chance of at least a top floor corner room. She didn't say anything about not having enough space to type in my requests.

    I also asked her to check my file to see if I qualified for any codes and she said I didn't 'yet', "but the AP codes should be out very soon and they're saying they will be about the same as the e-mail codes". I asked her if she had heard for sure the AP codes were coming out and she sortof hesitated for a minute, then said to keep checking back with them or to check over on mousesavers.com. I thought it was funny that she knew about mousesavers.

    Only the 60's Buildings are preferred, by the way and from what I've read the way POP is set up nothing is a very far walk. I'll be using just Disney transportation and am not worried about it.
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    Call back and have them add your request to your reservation. Be sure to list them in order of importance. The 50's isn't a preferred building. That's the building I requested for our next trip. I also asked for a 4th floor room facing the pool.

    When you get your confirmation, you won't see your request, but if you call back and ask, they'll tell you that they are listed.

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