Poly on points upgrade *UPDATE*


Jul 9, 2000
I asked the boards last week if it was possible to get a room upgrade at the Poly while staying on points. The answers I got did not seem encouraging. BUT.....here's what did happen. My DW and DD checked in an Saturday afternoon, DW was told she was getting a second floor (no balcony) room with a view of the parking lot. She asked for a room with a balcony but was told no because the rooms were all "pre-assigned" to each guest. She asked if there was anything they could do to get a room with a balcony. She was again told no. HERE COMES THE GOOD PART..... my wife mentioned to the bellman who brought the bags to the room that she would love to have gotten a room with a balcony. He said no problem, made one phone call and took my wife and daughter to their new room, onthe 3rd floor (with balcony) with a lagoon view. I always believe in magic!!
Like anything....just gotta know the right people.
Originally posted by PamOKW
Like anything....just gotta know the right people.

And have the right attitude! Smiles go miles when asking for upgrades!!! :D :D
That's just great but, I didn't realise they had parking lot views at the Poly. Which building were you assigned to originally?

Did you watch the fireworks from your room? I love the Poly.

Not sure what building DW was originally in. She comes home tomorrow. The building that she is in now is next to the marina, but her room is not facing the marina.
DD and I stayed at the Poly on points in Dec. We had a beautiful ground floor lagoon view room in Tahiti. It was so nice to sit outside our room and watch the fireworks.


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