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TDC Nala

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Jun 22, 2001
I am buying into DVC this year, as is a friend that I often split rooms with at WDW. If my friend and I want to split a DVC room, can we transfer points between our accounts so that each of us is contributing half the points needed for the room we want? From what I've read I don't think DVC will accept half the points from my account and half the points from hers, but if I transferred some points to her account, she could book the room in her name, and vice versa.

We could each book half the stay, but would we then have to change rooms?
You will be able to transfer points, but you are limited to only one transfer a year (in or out).

I would suggest alternating paying for the room. You can always use banking and borrowing to make sure you have enough.
You can also split the stay, for instance you pay for 4 nights and your friend pays for 4 nights. Then just ask MS to link the reservations and you won't have to change rooms. This is how it is done when people split their trip between points and cash nights. This is very common and you should have no problem doing this.
thanks for the linking reservations suggestion, but we're planning a 5 night stay and it would be hard to cut that in half, especially trying to get the weekend sorted out so one person didn't get all the weekend points. We'd have to try transferring for that one.


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