POFQ...Need to hear good things.


Sep 3, 2001
Please tell me about POFQ. There will be 5 ,myself, DW, DD(20 Months), FIL, MIL, in two rooms Jan. 1-5.

How far to Boatwright's in POR? How are the rooms. Are they run down or were they refurbished when they were temporarily closed?

Transportatation? Room Service? Valet parking? Atmosphere? Decorations?

Lots of questions, I know, but I need help from the experts.

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Sep 23, 1999
I'll see if I can give you some information. We really enjoyed our stay at Port Orleans, what is now the French Quarter. We loved the fact that it seemed smaller and more intimate than the other resorts.

How far to Boatwright's in POR? It's a short walk or a boat ride away. Probably about a 20 minute walk. The boat probably takes about the same amount of time by the time you wait for a boat, board, etc. It's a really nice ride, though. Also, we were quite pleased with the food court. Nice selection and decent food for pretty reasonable prices.

How are the rooms. Are they run down or were they refurbished when they were temporarily closed? We were there before they closed down and the rooms seemed fine to us. No, they weren't brand new, but they were still very nice.

Transportatation? The bus transportation was alright, but definately not the best. It did take some time getting around because the busses also made stops at Dixie Landings - what is now PO Riverside. The boat transportation to Downtown Disney was a real plus for us. We loved taking the boat to Downtown Disney for shopping or for dinner. It is such a fun, relaxing little ride! It also widens your dining options, since you can just hop a boat to DD for dinner at any of the great restaurants there.

Room Service? They don't have any, except for pizza delivery.

Valet parking? They don't offer valet parking.

Atmosphere? We really loved the atmosphere at Port Orleans French Quarter. It was relaxed, but definately not boring. The landscaping is lovely and the pool area is great. Like I said, it felt very intimate and cozy, but also really fun!

Decorations? The grounds are beautifully kept and the design of the buildings really adds to the experience. Your daughter will love the Mardi Gras alligator statues!

All in all, we really loved Port Orleans French Quarter and will definately stay there again. We much prefered the "French Quarter" section over what is now the "Riverside" section. The only moderate we like more than POFQ is Coronado Springs.


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Feb 4, 2001
I agree with Gem. The place is relaxing and has that cozy feel...and I love the grounds.



May 4, 2000
I had fun taking pictures there last year and many are posted at our site under our resorts section. Deb Wil's site (wdwig.com) has many as well. You'll see in the pictures that the resort is made up of some pretty neat little "French Quarter" streets with a lot of black iron railing. Very nice.


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