PO/R-Chef Mickey 8am non ee day!


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Mar 21, 2001
If we are planning to be at Chef Mickey's for our ps at 8 am can we park at MK and ride the resort monorail before this time? We are spending that day at MK and would like to then go from Chef Mickey's to MK afterward. Not sure what time the resort monorail begins to run on a non ee day. Pretty sure we could not use the resort bus to MK that early. ??
The buses to the MK start running sooner before the opening than the buses to the other resorts, so you may be okay. I can't remember if they start 1 hour before opening or 1-1/2 hours before opening. I don't know when you're trip is, but at the busiest times of the year, the MK opens before 9:00 on non-ee days. You may not have any problems. If you can't take the bus, then your plan should be fine.


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