Please tell me about It's tough to be a bug, too scary?


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Feb 18, 2001
I have read in several places that this show is too intense for kids under 4. I think my DD 2 1/2 might not like this, what do you think, is it too intense? How long is the show, is it something my DS and myself or DH could quick do while the other is playing with DD somewhere else? Thanks, Vija
It all depends on if your child gets scared easily. We took my ds when he was 1-1/2 and when he was 2-1/2, and he wasn't scared at all.

I have heard that some kids get terrified. It all depends. If you want to try it, just ask the cm if you can sit on the end, so if she doe get scared you can exit.
My little ones (1-1/2 and 3-1/2) were scared but we made them sit through it anyway! (We're mean, terrible parents). It is a GREAT show and I highly recommend going. Maybe you guys could see it separately if the kids get scared.
My 4 year old would have been fine seeing it at 2 1/2. He scared less easily when he was more innocent.

However, this past September, a month after his 4th birthday, he got very scared. What bothered him was the appearance of Hopper, the evil grasshopper from A Bug's Life, directly in front of us.

I suggest you sit as far to your left (facing the stage) as you can. Hopper is on the right side of the stage.

when dd was 4.5 yo we went to wdw. the bug thing was very scary for her. the movie is great and flik is sun, but the grasshopper was frightening. Now I must say that at the time dd was pretty much scared of most things. it my fault. we went to lion king show at mk and it's very scary! that was on the first day and set the tone of the trip. she was very happy just meeting characters and swimming.

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My daughter really doesn't like it, but we make her go (we're mean too!) She is 5 now and has been the last two years. She'll go in, but she won't use the glasses or look at the screen. I just let her sit on the floor if she really doesn't want to watch. It's a really fun show and I just hate to miss anything.
2 years and 2 WDW trips later, he still remembers that he doesn't like it and won't go on it. Younger DS was 1 when we went and wasn't upset or scared at all by it. "Bug" is loud, and with 3d, things appear to jump out at you. Lots of kids leave the theater screaming and crying but others love it. Good luck!

Our 2 DDs hated it when they were nearly 6 and nearly 4. We ended up sitting them on our laps and they hid their faces in our shoulders!

They refuse point blank to go in ANY 3D film/show now!! (They are now nearly 8 and nearly 6).

My dd completely lost it when she was 6 years old when the bees came; she had been stung the previous summer, so we left. DS, age 3, hung in there. Next year dd age 7 asked to try again but was defeated. DS, age 4, liked it less. Me, I would like just ONCE to see the whole thing! :rolleyes:
We were going to use baby swap for our almost 3 year old, but the CM said that he might like it so we took him. I sat him in my lap and he did not wear the glasses. I could tell that he was scared at times, but not traumatized. He doesn't talk about it now at all as if it were not a big deal. He talks more in a negative way about Illuminations because it was "too loud". I don't think that ITTBA affected him at all in one way or another because he sat in my lap and didn't wear the glasses. I'd take him again because everyone in the family enjoyed it so much.
My 6yo dd was a little concerned about HISTK but i just told her not to wear the glasses and she did fine. Without the glasses they won't see many of the special effects.

For the other special effects just putting your arm around them or holding them helps with those. She did wear glasses for ITTBAB and liked it but I put my arm around her and held her close, she missed some of the other special effects that way.

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Natalie (age 3yr, 3mo) loves it. She just doesn't like the odor the stink bug gives off!

She is a big time WDW veteran and knows that the attractions are fun and has been on (or in) everything she is tall enough for. She's scared of very little. I have seen many little ones in tears over Bug and Honey I Shrunk the Audience, though. Like others have said, every kid is different

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This show was a little scary for my 2.5, 4, &6 yr. olds but do not bring your children to Honey I Shrunk the Audience. This scared my girls and They wouldn't even go to the Muppets 3D show, after they saw that.
Here is one idea. If kids are little enough let them sit on your lap. They won't get the touch sensations, maybe that will help. <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
I would see how he does at Muppets 4D and HISTA first (in that order). TTBAB is the most intense of the 3 IMHO but others think HISTA is. Anyway our then 2 1/2 DD loved all the 3 D movies

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We took our 3 year old to all the 3D movies (Bug, Muppets, and Shrunk the Audience) he loved them all and kept reaching his hand out trying to touch the objects - however my nephews ages 4 and 2 who were also with us did not care for them, the 4 year old freaked out during the Shrunk the Audience one and wouldn't even wear the glasses for the other 2 movies after that and the 2 year old also got scared so I guess it just depends on the child.
My boys, (6 & 7) were scared to death. Hopper scared them first, then they were very frightened when the bugs were "exiting" under their seats. HISTA was even worse for them.

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My 4 1/2 yr old was terrified as soon as she saw Hopper and cried and sat on the floor by my legs the entire show. After that she was also afraid of Muppets in 3D.


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