please help with making room requests at bonnet creek

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    Im a bit confused. In the past when we have stayed at BC we have just called the main Wyndham Bonnet Creek number and been able to request a room (we've gone thru companies on ebay to get our ressie) This time they tell me because I'm staying in a 4 br pres I cant request anything, one person told me the owner needs to request, someone else told me that the room assignments are made at the time of ressie. When I emailed the vacation broker who we got the ressie from, she told me she doesnt have that info, that rooms are assigned at checkin. I have a friend who stayed in a 4 br pres a couple weeks ago and they let her request a building and view when she called the main number as I have tried to do. I understand that a request is not a guarantee, but it would be nice to have my preferences known if something was available, but they are not even taking my info. Does anyone have an email for the room controller or someone who can give me an answer that makes sense, or is at least be willing to make note of where we would like to be should it come available. Thanks!
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    I am in the same boat and would love some more information. I have stayed at BC four times and they have always told me NO room requests are taken :(
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    Things get a bit more complicated with the Presidential units and requests.

    Presidential Reserve units are usually booked by actual room#.

    With Regular Presidential units, There are a lot more VIP level owners who utilize their specific room reservation perk as well.

    There are also a lot fewer 4bdrm Presidential units at the resort than any other room type. There are less Presidential units that Deluxe unit types... which make honoring requests for Presidential Units a much harder thing to do. Factor in the above which are either contractual requirements, or program benefit requirements, and it becomes almost impossible for the resort to have much wiggle room to allow for the 'regular requests'. (Most towers have only 2 4bdrm Presidentials in them, on the top floor. I'm going to assume Tower 6 has a few more than 2, but I don't know for certain or the exact number).

    I would honestly not be surprised if the Wyndham reservation system assigned actual Presidential Units at the time of reservation because of the lower inventory counts and higher level of service required/requested by the owners who usually stay in them. [Even if it's not generally advertised the system works this way..... which would explain why commercial renters who deal primarily in Deluxe units wouldn't be familiar with it]
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    When I booked a 4 bedroom presidential, I knew the bulding and room number immediately. It wasn't something I could change.

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