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Earning My Ears
Aug 14, 2019
Real Name: Ahmad
Location: Washington D.C. Area
Family Situation: Married 10 years. 1 boys that will be turning 1 on 21st of August.
Occupation: Fed Gov. and Owner/CEO of an Engineering consulting company
Pets: None at the moment but I Had (2) dogs both Neapolitan Mastiffs (RIPs).
Favorite Food: Thai and Mediterranean
Favorite Drink: Coffee (Turkish, Espresso, etc.), Perrier, Saratoga and Spring water (Fiji, Deer park, etc.)
Hobbies: Since my son came into our life. I don't have time for Hobbies anymore. I used to race cars (SCCA)
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Why am I in this handbasket?
Aug 4, 2019
Real Name: Geoff
Location: Atlanta
Family Situation: Married almost 4 years, 3y/o Daughter (G - "Bug"), 6 month old son (H - "Duck"...because he sounds like he's quacking when he's mad)
Occupation: Physician
Pets: 1 dog
Favorite Food: pulled pork, crab cakes, pecan pie
Favorite Drink: bourbon and soda, diet coke, black coffee I find around the hospital when I'm on call
Hobbies: College football, experimenting with my Traeger and Big Green Egg, reading non-fiction
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DISdad #864.
Sep 15, 2019
Real Name: Devin
Location: Baton Rouge Louisiana
Family Situation: Engaged to a wonderful girl I met working at Disney and have a little girl who is currently 3.
Occupation: Shift Lead Maintenance Associate are TopGolf Baton Rouge
Pets: None
Favorite Food: Mexican and Italian
Favorite Drink: Dr Pepper, Rum and Coke and of course water
Hobbies: I enjoy iracing and Disney trips!


DIS Dad #861 Staying Goofy Forever
Mar 13, 2018
Welcome Devin, hop on over to the main thread and join in. It's the one with 1300+ pages.


Dis Veteran
Oct 18, 2005
Real Name: Steven
Location: Beautiful Cape Cod, MA
Family Situation: Married 14 years with one DD: Elizabeth, 6
Occupation: Currently looking, however, formerly worked in the legal field and making a switch to the medical field
Pets: 1 dog, Chocolate Lab, Buddy the Wonder Dog
Favorite Food: Seriously? Too many to name
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper and milk
Hobbies: Singing (not much of a hobby since I'm actually classically trained, but I don't make a living at it, so it's a hobby) and photography


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