Plaza Restaurant


Thanks for the magic, Walt!
Jun 15, 2001 many trips have I made to WDW and just realized that the PR is a sit down meal??? :sad2:

I was looking at the menu and this seemed like something DH and I would both love. I was wondering...can you make a PS there? I've also heard that the service can be pretty bad....but that can happen anywhere. Any thoughts/advice/reviews? Thanks so much!


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May 3, 2001
We've always enjoyed the Plaza and had good service. We love sitting in the "sunroom" area off to the side.


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Aug 24, 1999
Had lunch there on our trip earlier this month, it's pretty good. You can make PS' (or whatever they are now).


Jul 15, 2004
We enjoy the Plaza for lunch in the MK, we usually start early and go back to the resorts around lunchtime and think the Plaza is a great stop on the way out of the park. Sandwiches are big - we split one.


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Apr 21, 2000
Hey don't feel bad. I've probably been to MK 15-20 times before I realized it was a sit down and have even walked right by it not realizing.

We actually stumbled upon it 2 1/2 yrs ago one "cold" dreary December day. When I walked up I realized it was a sitdown. I took my then 4 yr old dd in and we had a great lunch and some good hot chocolate.

We now try to get here whenever we can when were in MK because it is our fav lunch place in MK.

We've found the service to be pretty good, it can be a bit slow sometimes, but no more slower than standing in line at a crowded counter service place. And, if the mayor and his little group of friends come in you're in for an entertainment treat. We find the Plaza a nice retreat from the chaos of the park.

AND, the ice cream, is just EXCELLENT!!! :earsgirl:


Oct 9, 2000
We have eaten at the Plaza over 100 times and have NEVER had bad service. Of course, by now the staff tends to recognize us too. The menu changes over the years, and most recently the kids' menu has changed to the good with more choices. We were in WDW the first 2 weeks of May and ate there at least 3 times. Love the german potatoe salad and hubby has to have his banana split. You can usually walk in at lunch time around 11:00AM, but will need to make a PS for most other times. They do not stay open very late in the evening. We did snag a 7:00PM seating during an MK EMH and it was the last seating time of the evening. Most of the servers have been there since for many, many years, but on our last visit a couple of weeks ago, we did notice several new faces.

Deb & Bill

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Mar 20, 2000
We have eaten there numerous times and never had bad service. They have great sandwiches - the Club and the Reuben are huge and could be shared. But the ice cream desserts are wonderful - the Plaza Special Dessert is great - Butterpecan ice cream with hot fudge and hot caramel. Whipped cream, cherry and nuts. Or the brownie sundae is another one that is great.

We'll be there on Friday for an early dinner.


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Mar 17, 2005
We love the Plaza, but I would definitely advise a PS. The chicken and strawberry salad is incredible. My husband loves the club and my son is crazy about the grilled cheese. Have fun! :earsgirl:


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May 6, 2001
Ok, I must be loosing it. What is the Plaza please? Sounds like something we may like this trip.

Mary Anne

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Sep 14, 1999
This is one of our favorite places to eat in the MK. Never had a bad meal or bad service.


Jul 15, 2004
The Plaza is a table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom - its at the end of Main Street (on the right hand side is you are looking at the Castle) - kind of on the way to Tomorrowland, but not really on the way its kind of tucked in a corner.


We have only eaten there once. The service was fine and the atmosphere and food wre good. But I do not understand the numerous comments in this thread and others about the sandwiches being huge and/or large enough to share. My reuben was just a normal size sandwich, if anything a little on the small side for $11. Nor did anything else ordered by my family appear to be larger than normal. If you had a large snack that morning, or are planning to have a big dessert, or just have a smallish appetite, I can understand sharing. But don't go there expect huge portions.

Yes, the prices are high, but no worse than at other sit-down restaurants for similar food. If you want to save money you can eat for considerably less at counter service. But if you would prefer a restful lunch in a nice cozy little sandwich shop, this is the place!


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Mar 7, 2001
We ate there Monday night for the first time and enjoyed it. I actually called that day to get a PS anywhere in MK between 7 and 8 since it was an EMH night. Our was PS was at 7:50. It was a nice change from the expensive TS restaurants. It was DD and I's least expensive meal in WDW. I had the turkey sandwich and loved it. DD had the grilled cheese and liked it as well.


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Jun 3, 2000
The Plaza (and Pecos Bill's) are two places that leave me puzzled when everyone raves about them. :confused3
It not like either is bad. Just nothing special. But I think the non ADR eating selection is rather limited in the MK.
The Plaza does offer an oasis away from the crowds, heat and long counter service lines.
They offer a step up from counter service, and their food tastes that way too.
It is better, in general. But I think everytime I have walked out, I felt like I had paid too much for what I got.
And last time early this year after a grisley hamburger I decided to cross them off my list for good.
The service has always been good there from my experience. I think the CM service, ice cream and the better than counter service food is what they have going for them.
The Plaza almost reminds me of a Friendly's ice cream shop, or even a Denny's, with limited food choices.


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Mar 27, 2005
I really like the Plaza and we have gone ever since we found it about 10 years ago. I like the quiet, the cool air conditioning, the location, and the food. Had a great salad this past April. The portions are large. I would get a PS for sure, in fact, I need to figure out when to get mine for September.

It is funny that Luv2Roam mentioned Pecos Bill too, I have to go there EVERY time, not sure why, but I do love it! The Plaza, Pecos Bills and Dole Whips are a must for me each trip!


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Sep 29, 2000
We enjoy the Plaza too. Never had anything bad and now they serve veggie burgers. The place is bustling and noisy, but we never miss a trip there!


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