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Molokai Gram

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Oct 12, 1999

Got my tickets, got my reservations, on the diet and exercising, hope the weather will be warm because we don't have alot of warm clothes :) and now trying to get all the loose ends tied up. I have some questions:

1. I have the first Kelly Monaghan's book? Do you know if there have been any updates? Any other books you would recommend?

2. Does anyone have those family radios to stay in contact? We are thinking about buying some (so I don't have to spend hours looking for DH when he wanders away - especially in Vegas LOL). Does anyone have any suggestions? The Midland 75-515 seemed nice with privacy codes to cut down on interference. Does anyone have this model?

3. Still can't locate any rehab schedule for March 8 -13. Does that mean everything is a go???
(We didn't get to ride Jaws our last trip as it was in repair).

4. Has anyone else made plans to join us? I know alot of the airlines are having sales until March 15.

I am getting soooo excited. :D
We must meet up for a Webcam Wave!! I saw yall's post for the Webcam last month, it is a HOOT!!!
Didn't see the guy with the can of Corn. Too Fun!
...because it was closed in November when I was there!

How are your Vegas plans going??? Let me know what you'll be doing---I'm just nosy!



Taff, we definitely need to meet up at the Globe as we will be there at the same time. Barry, the one with the corn, will be there too, so then you can see him in person and we can all wave together to everyone that has to stay home. ;)

Patti, got my tickets. Staying at the Fremont because most Hawaii people stay at Sam Boyd's due to the special deals we get ( 4 nights hotel with 3 meals a day for two people for $250). We will get in about 1 AM 2/23 and leaving 2/26 about 11 PM. Will you be able to meet us? :)

We are going to have a ball. :D


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