Planning a cruise for 2003


Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2002
This is my first time on here. We are thinking of planning a 7 day cruise the week of Thanksgiving in 2003 with my sister and her family. They have cruised with Disney before and only have great things to say. Anyone ever cruise the week of Thanksgiving and how did you find it?
This may not be of much help but we have sailed the week following Thanksgiving. It is a great time because of the discounts and the ship was only 85 per cent full. The weather that time of year is wonderful and seas are generally calm according to the captain. However, we talked with the kids staff and captain about the week before us. They said the seas were rough two of the nights but I guess that could really happen anytime. The kids staff did mention that there were "ALOT" of kids the week of Thanksgiving and the ship was full to capacity. I think one said there were about 900 kids but don't quote me on that. With the rougher seas, they said they really had their hands full and were enjoying the smaller group on our cruise. Thats about all I can give you. I'm sure others have been on a cruise at that time that can add more.
We thought about that week and decided against it because the crowds and price. We got a much better deal last on the 12-8 Magic, plus there were only about 1900 passengers onboard.

So, we'll likely be going the same time in 2003 on the western itinerary. I can't wait!

mumsy it sounds like that is a busy week.
we have only gone in august and wasn't that crowded.
maybe you should think about the summer if it is kids missing school your worried about.i know the weather is great during the summer not hot at all.

And I thought I was the only one booking for Nov of 2003 this early!!Just booked our land/sea package with Dreams Unlimited, we added an extra land day so we will leave on the Wed before Turkey day do the parks for 4 days and cruise 4 days. By actually booking to go over Thanksgiving we saved 800.00 versus booking the week after. Definately price shop, it never hurts.
Luv2cruise: Thanks for your message. I think we are reconsidering Thanksgiving week 2003 and planning a 3 night cruise next spring 2003 and then a 7 day the following year in 2004.


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