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Jan 30, 2004
Smooshdog said:
Thanks for the reply...I missed out on the gun conversation. It really depressed me when the Round Fort Wilderness sign was replaced. I only learned about that recently...anyway I miss the gun stuff.

It's been years and years since this pic was taken, but I wish I could find a shirt like that now (I'm the short one :) )!

Keep an eye on Ebay for the shirt. They do come up every once in a while.
In fact that round sign you speak of was sold a few months back on Ebay. These are some of the photos that were posted on the auction.



Ask me about the Mickey Waffles!!!!!!!
Jan 30, 2004
Here is the scan from the back of the old check-in folder. If you notice the rail crosses the water just east of 500 loop and north of 1500 loop. I think he bridge in question earlier is the one east of the 500 loop. If you walk along the road in this area it is easy to see the old right of way, with a barricade out near the water. Someone who was actually at FW in those glory days, may be able to correct me, or give us more insight.

Bridges highlighted


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Oct 27, 2003
Colson39 said:
SamRoc said:
Disney removed them because of complaints from campers, at least that's what I've heard as the most common reason given. I can tell you that peacocks are aggressive birds, and they were known to peck on people's campers quite a bit.

I personally miss the peacocks tons, they were such a part of Ft. Wilderness to me. However, my fiancee and I just bought a house in Delray Beach, Florida, a month and a half ago. And look what we have tons of in our neighborhood....

That is on top of our house by the way, there must be at least 8 females, quite a few babies, and about 4 or 5 males (the males are the ones with the pretty colors, the females, such as the one in the picture, do not have any color).

Needless to say, I am constantly reminded of Ft. Wilderness every day. Especially when having a nice morning breakfast on the patio and you hear the sound of the peacock, that high pitched kazoo type sound, reminds me every time of Ft. Wilderness.
That peacock on your roof looks huge! We were lucky enough every time we went to Ft. Wilderness to have only good experiences with the peacocks. Heres another old picture I found of one, just sitting on the pole next to our motorhome.
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    Jun 5, 2005
    sandy5764 said:
    A few more questions. Like I said in my previous post, I've never been to Fort Wilderness, but my fiance, myself and his 2 kids (10 and 13) are going next summer and thinking about staying at the Fort. Does Disney rent campers and/or tents? If so, anyone aware of prices? Also, for those that have stayed in the wilderness cabins, would 2 adults and 2 children be comfortable in one? Thanks for your help!!!
    The tents are $33.75/night in addition to the camp space rental. When I visted in mid October, I went ahead and popped for a "preferred" site for $148.00 for three nights with a AAA discount. Soooo... by my math, that means, I ended up paying a grand total of $83.09/night ( a smidge better than one of the Pops moneywise -- but tons more fun (to my way of thinking anyway :thumbsup2 ) vacation-wise.

    Here is the Disney phone number to rent a tent: 1.407.939.7807 -- you will want to select option #4 for group camping -- which seems odd but at least it worked for me. I understand they also have folding cots for $5/night -- although I chose to bring an inflatable bed with me.

    Here are a couple pictures of the tent I rented. It was plenty big for me all by my lonesome ( I was there for the F&W Festival and couldn't interest anybody else in joining me) . Size-wise -- if you are a "close" family and don't mind being cozy, I think you will be fine.

    Good Luck!


    The cabins are AWESOME! The four of you would be quite comfortable in one -- with plenty of privacy (unlike four in a tent -- DUH! :confused3 ). I don't know why but I totally missed the fact you were asking about both FW stay options ... :rolleyes1


    Interior ( I even had cable :goodvibes ):



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    Jun 5, 2005
    This is actually a sign on the wall of the train station in AK but I think it sums up how I (a self-confessed former room service princess) now feel about camping... :lmao:



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