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    My son is currently completing his first CP. I'm looking to the future for him. He has one more year of college and then I'm encouraging him to apply for a PI. A student must be finished with college to be eligible for a PI, correct?

    Also, my son has one mark, or whatever disney calls it, against him. He was sick and called in sick one day during his entire CP. The following day he went in and when they saw how sick he was they dismissed him for the day without penalty, but the one penalty for the sick day stands. My son says one is not eligible for a PI if they have a mark against them, even just one mark. Is this ridiculous rule true?

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    You need to still be enrolled in college when applying for the PI just like with the CP. Disney also considerers a CP as being enrolled so you can apply for a CP your last semester in school, do that following "semester" and then do a PI immediately after.

    As for the point, if he only has one point for calling in sick that isn't going to prevent him from applying for a PI. The "cleaner" you card is the better off you are but one point isn't going to kill your chances. The point system is there for a reason but disney isn't going to fault someone for getting sick and calling in once.
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    Generally, any person enroled at a recognised post-secondary institution in the United States or who is taking part in the Disney College Program at the time they apply can apply for a Disney Professional Internship Program opportunity. They do not necessarily have to wait until they finish college or university to do so.

    As to attendance, generally a single attendance notation doesn't disqualify an applicant from applying. The main requirement is that the Cast Member in question meet internal transfer requirements, which at the Walt Disney World Resort means that one has less than five attendance notations in the six months prior to applying for a transfer.

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