Person of size on Hagrid’s new ride question?

Barbara Smith

Earning My Ears
Jun 17, 2018
My son is a person of size and is nervous about being able to fit on the ride. I’m worried he is going to be so disappointed. He recently went for 450 lbs to 320 lbs. He is pleased with the progress (as am I) but I don’t want him to be discouraged. We went 5 years ago and he couldn’t ride several rides including most of the rides in Harry Potter. And does anyone know if the Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls still has a seat called “The Canadian Goose” for people of size? It was the only way he was able to ride it.
Thank you so much. We watched her video and it was definitely very helpful. I’m hoping she makes more before we go in September. Thanks for introducing us to her.
The Dudley flume log is the ADA log.

As terrific as that loss is (and it is terrific and awesome and amazing and spectacular!!!!!!!!), please make sure he and the family know that it *might* not give the results. My ex wasn’t much over that during some of our trips, and he’s never been able to ride FJ, gringotts, mummy, hulk, doom, RRR... My ex is built like a sumo, just big all over with lots of muscle, and the combo is difficult. He’s also 5’10”, so doesn’t have the stretched out height to save him. If your son has thin legs but a bigger upper body then more is possible with that combo.

I don’t know about Hagrid’s.

Yeah, unfortunately it's too new to tell exactly. Normally when we discuss these things there are post and posts of people giving our their weight, height, and sometimes measurements to assist in telling whether others are able to ride, or not, but since this ride is brand new it's hard to say now. I do not know when you all plan on going, but if it's soon he'll just have to try out the seats, but if it won't be for awhile, you might have to give it a little bit of time for others to get a chance before asking again in the future.
Try the test seats. The motorcycle seems to be the most accommodating.

Other than that, he needs to keep up the good work with whatever he is doing.

This video is pretty good at explaining everything.

I'm not a Plus Size person but am still a very big fan of Pammies videos, I love what she does and she really is very thorough, she covers sensory and mobility issues as well, actually she covers everything.

But it does seem from all the vlogs I've seen in the last week is that the motorcycle seat seems to be the roomiest in all aspects, keep us posted!


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