Earning My Ears
Sep 8, 2001
I just called CRO to confirm my reservations using my AP rate and he told me to check out between now and the time I arrive just in case any lower rates come out. I tried to look at but it doesn't seem to exist. Does anyone know about a website for AP holders? He mentioned that I could even print the Mickey Monitor from that site. Please share any info you might have on this website. Thanks.
I'm sure somebody out there has more info on this, but I believe it is only for Florida-resident AP holders. Bummer...what about us folks in the rest of the country???
I have seen links previously to the Mickey Monitor. But I get a message the Dis search function has been disabled and I cannot find it on the disney website.
I would suggest just checking
Even if it was only for Fl. residence, AP holders, I believe anyone who wanted to should be able to access it on there computers:confused: Anyone have any info on this web site?

I wish I knew, I just tried and got an error, I have AP so if anyone knows give us any help.:D

I went to the Disneyland site - it says to enter your annual pass number -- exactly what number are they looking for. I couldn't get anything to work. There aren't many numbers on the back of ours to choose from!!!
I don't know about a website but I clicked on the WDW pass link and was depressed to see an EPCOT after 4pm Fla resident pass available. I want to live in FLORIDA!!!!!! :(


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