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Oct 23, 2004
This table service restaurant is located in the Hotel New York. Hotel guests may have breakfast here.
This is a nice restaurant for those not requiring the finer dining of the Manhattan restaurant.

Link to other restaurant reviews :)

Okay as previously announced we are hoping the boards can help :goodvibes If you have photographs of the restaurant and the food. If you have eaten here and can write a review. Even a couple of lines of what you liked, things to watch out for.. would be appreciated if you posted below :)

Ms Poppins

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Mar 14, 2009
We ate here for dinner on Sunday 29th June 2009.

As we were staying at HNY, and were tired on our first day we decided to eat here using our HBP vouchers. The information at the door said that lunch was table service and dinner, opening at 6pm, is all you can eat buffet. The theme was American themed - we were given a leaflet later in the week mentioning Italian theme, so maybe it's different each night.

The setting is nice, a 50's American diner and we sat in a booth.

The selection of food was very good, lots of cold meats, pate, crackers, rolls etc for starters. Mains included pizza, a beef dish, pork chops, chicken, steak dish in lovely sauce, potato wedges, fries, meatballs, mixed rice, salmon and loads of veg available. There were loads of desserts, including a delicious almond sponge cake, jelly, cheesecake, flans, apple pie, chocolate mousse and sweets and marshmallows for the kids.

Mark and Abbey looking suitably stuffed!

Note the price of the buffet if paying cash - 28E for adult without drink. We used Half board plus vouchers, which include a drink and had no more to pay. Large drinks which was good. On our way out of the door we noticed a freezer with ice lollies, but we were full!

All in all a very nice meal, very convenient if staying at HNY, and was very quiet when we were there too. Would go again, with vouchers, don't know that i'd pay 28E a head!

Ms Poppins

I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
Mar 14, 2009
We ate here on Tuesday 26 July 2011 following a long day in Paris.

(Are we the only people who eat here? :lmao:)

The buffet is really nice here with a great selection of starters, cold meats, pate, breads etc. The mains included salmon, duck, chicken, turkey and beef. Lots of nice veg, roast potatoes and the best cheesy potatoes I've ever had :thumbsup2 They also had chicken nuggets, pizza, and potato shapes aimed at the kids (although anyone can eat from any area). Desserts included chocolate brownies, eclairs, almond cake, jelly, sweets and ice lollys etc.

Cost is 28.70E per adult and 13.30 per child. Child's meal includes drink. Total bill, with drinks and including shareholders discount was 121.18E

Really lovely place to eat some quality food and avoid the usual burgers. Very quiet too and convenient for us, staying at HNY. We will most likely eat here again.
  • DLPdaft

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    Jun 3, 2007
    we ate dinner here on Tuesday 8th November at 8pm.

    I love love loved it!

    the choices for all courses were huge, and the food was incredibly tasty - I left there completely stuffed and my DD had to practically push me through the Village and onto our shuttle :rotfl::rotfl:.

    Among the foods on offer were soup, salads, prawns, smoked salmon, chorizo, salami, pate, stuffed vine leaves, seafood pate/mousse.
    Mains included medallions of beef with bernaise sauce, the most amazing tortelloni, cheesy potatoes, roasted veggies, veal, lamb, meatballs, carvery pork, rice, pasta, bream, and loads more for the kids, including frankfurters, croque monsieur, breaded chicken, breaded fish, mickey shaped potato fritters, pasta, bolognese sauce.
    Desserts included fresh fruit, fresh fruit salad, white chocolate mousse, floating islands, lemon pie, chocolate cake, cheesecake, eclairs, jellies, rice pudding, cheese board, doughnuts and kids sweets/candies/mallows.

    the price is 28.70 euros per adult, 13.30 euros per child (soft drink included in the child's price).

    This buffet restaurant has taken the place of my previous half board plus range favourites - in my opinion its a cut above either the Cape Cod or Beavers Creek Tavern buffets. We will definitely return to the Parkside Diner (and will warn my DD in advance that she will probably have to roll me back to our hotel afterwards :rotfl2:).


    Jan 18, 2008
    I wish I had the same experience as DLPDaft :(

    The food selection was decent in terms of the main courses for adults, but limited in side dishes and especially in children's selection when we ate here in Aug 2012.

    The starters included:
    small selection of crackers and 1 cheese roll
    mini-pizza's made with goat cheese
    Various vegetables
    Smoked Salmon
    No salads or soups

    Main courses included:
    Sirloin steak which was thin cut and tough but seasoned well
    Baked white fish (not my cup of tea but apparently flavored well)
    Duck (okay, but very greasy even for duck)
    Chicken thighs which were actually very good
    Cheese torrellini with spinach and white sauce which was very good
    Breaded and fried fish
    Pasta with Bolognese sauce
    Meat balls
    Carved Turkey

    Side dishes included:
    Mickey shaped fried potatoes

    Desserts included:
    Fresh Fruit
    Creme Brulee
    Chocolate Cake
    Chocoloate Brownies
    Hard candies
    Cheese board

    As you can see, there was minimal selection for the kids to eat and mine ended up eating some of the steak and fortunately they liked the fried fish.

    The food itself was of decent quality in general with the tortellini and chicken thighs being above average, actually quite good.

    The desserts however, were a huge dissapointment (outside of the creme brulee which was just okay). The pastries tasted flat and had no texture to them at all. The eclairs were soggy and the cheesecake was terrible. I literally took one bite and not another, it was that bad. It had a rubber texture and almost no flavor at all.

    The waiter was friendly, but not very present, in fact after sitting for 5 minutes without any acknowledgment that we were there, we decided to get up and get our food. We were almost finished with our plates before he came to ask our drink order. Similarly, our used plates were only cleared once during the meal which meant that the majority of the time our table was sitting with multiple plates stacked on the end of the table.

    For the price of the restaurant I would avoid it completely. Unfortunately, there aren't many options in Disney and this is one of the better ones that I ate at. If you MUST find dinner somewhere and are prepared to pay 100 Euros for 2 adults and 2 children you could eat here and hopefully find something that everyone will eat.

    If the selection was as plentiful as DLPDaft encountered, I would be much more likely to recommend the restaurant as the main course food was pretty good, but don't get your hopes up for dessert, it was a disappointing mess.

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    We ate here on Sunday 21 July 2013. We were staying at HNY and arrived later in the evening, so ate here to save us wandering around the park looking for somewhere. We ate at approx 20:00.

    The food was good as always. Lots of choice and we all found things we liked.

    Lots of meat choices, delicious salmon, rice, cheesy potatoes, vegetarian options, pizza, mickey potato heads, starters and loads and loads of desserts - yum!

    I was suffering extreme toothache so didn't make the most of it to be honest, but DH dove in and said he'd eaten too much afterwards!

    Price is 29.99 per adult and 15.59 per child. Child's price includes a drink.

    Total price 100.92E including shareholders discount. It was our most expensive meal of the holiday, but there is lots of choice.

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    We ate here again on Sunday 4 October 2015 at approx 9.30. We had half board plus vouchers. When using vouchers a drink is included for all.

    There was a good selection as always. I do wish there were more side dishes such as different potatoes, chips etc but having been at Inventions in DLH it seems to be the same there too. We didn't eat any starters so I don't know what was available, but looked like variety of cold meats, bread rolls etc.

    For mains we chose from steak, stew, turkey, lamb, pork, chicken, pizza, pasta, pasta sauce, pilau rice, roast/herb potatoes and more that I've forgotten.

    Large selection of desserts, carrot cake, cheesecake, gateaux, jelly, yoghurts, sweets, coconut cake and almond cake that I had with creme anglaise and white chocolate mousse. Divine!

    Once again a very nice meal. Like it because as a buffet its quick and easy if staying in the hotel.
  • Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    We ate here on Wednesday 19 October @ 18.00

    I didn't take pictures this time as we'd had a tiring day and I just wanted to eat ;)

    We have mixed reviews of this visit. I found plenty of mains to eat, salmon, green beans, cheesy potatoes. DH and DS however said they didn't like the choices. There were small burgers, steak kebabs which they both said were horrible, pizza, macaroni and some other meats and rice. DH was disappointed as they use to have lovely steak/beef dishes.

    I enjoyed my meal and dessert of banana cake and creme anglais. But, if we can't please everyone then we might not be back.

    It's a handy restaurant being in the hotel we stayed in and we didn't need to make a reservation.

    It's 32.99E per adult (sorry I didn't take note of the kids price but think it was 17.99) and drinks were 4.59 each. With 15% shareholders discount total bill for 3 was 95.83. An expensive meal if you don't find something you like but very quick and handy if you're already there and enjoy what's on offer.


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