parking at FW for other resort guests going to campfire?


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Mar 1, 2001
DH and I are staying at ASMu this summer and plan to go to the FW campfire one evening after a day of TL and Miniature Golf. We were hoping to just drive to FW but were wondering if there was a parking lot there that we could park our car at? If not what is our next best option? Taking the resort bus to MK and then boating over? How long would that take? Thanks for you help! :D

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Hi! I've been reading a while but this is my first post so I hope I'm doing it right!

You can drive to the main FW parking lot and park there. Follow the signs for River Country. Then you will catch a bus and tell the driver you want to get off at the campfire. You could boat over from MK but driving will probably be quicker if you won't already be at MK. Be sure to go to the beach (use the bus) and catch the boat parade (9:45 p.m., usually) and often you can wait a couple of minutes and see the fireworks from MK. A favorite way for us to finish the day! :)


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