Park hours- not going to HHN


Jun 22, 2016
We find ourselves with 2 days at Universal during HHN. We will not go to HHN- what does this mean for park hours/closing times? Does HHN close both parks or just Studios? Thanks!

Lynne G

DIS Veteran
Mar 29, 2009
Studios only has HHN. It will close at 5 pm on HHN nights because they need to clear the park for HHN to start later. But Islands is usually open to 9pm or later. So if you have park hopper, you can go to Islands for more park fun. But know train between closes before 5pm , and gets very crowded by 4:30pm as all that are not going to HHN want to go to Islands. I took the train once, and even with express, it was a good long wait. What I tend to do is to stroll out and walk through City Walk and enter Islands. Also know that City Walk gets very busy around 3:30pm until well into the night as people come from the parking garages and hotels to go to HHN. In the last time HHN was done, 2019, there were holding areas in the Studios for people that wanted to stay in the Studios until they were let go to HHN, and you needed to scan your HHN ticket to go into those holding areas. What will be done this year? Maybe. Either way, I’m sure the Studios will close early for HHN. They will stop the entry to the rides, and slowly clear everyone out. Also, they cover all the scary stuff and the bigger props during the times HHN is not going on. Don’t worry, it’s still fun to go that time of year. I tend to only go to HHN one night, and there is other to do if not attending HHN.