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Jun 4, 2000
My husband and I got seven nights at Port Orleans with the Resort Magic Package through Dreams Unlimited for $1668.36 including tax & $50 in Disney Bucks. First, can you use the flex features per person, per night or is that for the Discovery Package? We are not certain that the several features we can choose from are per day or per the entire week! Any help would be most appreciated - thanks all!!!!
The flex feature included in the Resort Magic Package is just one per person for your entire trip. The Discovery Magic Package features the Magical Wishes. You get two Magical Wishes per person per night with that package.

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Don't bother with the packages - they cost you a whole lot of extra money. If you piece your package together yourself, you save $$$$. Read these boards well!




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I agree with the post above ~ don't bother with the packages.

When I first was looking at going to WDW I had booked moderate hotel with package. Then I found this board. I found out so much great information and savings. I am now buying one AP so that we can get a discount on Poly and then we will buy 5 day pass for the others. What I was so thrilled with is that we are now staying at a Deluxe hotel and getting our passes for a little bit less than I was quoted for a moderate hotel with a package.

Also another point to look at is will you do everything in the package? When I looked there was maybe half of it we would use. Is that a good value? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">


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