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    Spent Tues at MK. 20 minutes from rental house, and got to the gate at exactly 9am. Missed the opening ceremony, but there was no way I was going to get my family to wait outside a park entrance. My plan worked great, walked on every important ride(as deemed by my family) before noon. The times posted for waiting in alot of cases were wrong, so we didn't pay too much attention to that. The Christmas decorations are out in full force, and the look fabulous! I love the Christmas tree made out of poinsettas, and Mickey's poinsetta head. We came home for lunch and a swim, and went back for 3pm. Took the WDW railroad over to toontown during parade time, and spent the late afternoon in Fantasyland. Here we had the longest waits, Dumbo 20min, WTP 20 min, and we had to fastpass Peter Pan because of a 40 minute true wait time. This is where my tip of the day comes in:

    We decided very last minute to find some place to eat(read sitdown meal) in MK. At lunch we looked at allears.net, and decided on Tony's Town, called ant got a reservation for 7:15pm as that was all that was available. At 5:30, while waiting for Peter Pan fastpass, our party of 6 went to Tony's. Told them we had reservations for later that night, and wondered if we could get in now. It was busy, people were waiting in the lobby. Hostess called back, and sure enough they told us to wait and they'd call our name:cool1: I didn't even get a chance to sit down in the lobby, when our name was called!! There were still several tables empty in the dining area, and two of them were for big parties (6 or more). I don't know if we were seated so quickly because we were a big party, or we just lucked into a slow period for them. This tip probaby won't work for everyone, but it never hurts to try.

    Tony's Town food review: Mom and I had the Scampi with linguine, very good, and enough left over for lunch. DH had ceasar which he split with both DS's, and speghetti and meatballs. Heard no complaints on the speghetti, plus he has lunch for the next day. DS(15) had catch of the day, Salmon. A big peice of salmon served on rice(DS didn't like the rice, was kinda mushy, and too different for him), and asperagras(sp?). DD 12 and DS 7 split a kids order of speghetti, sauce on the side. Came with salad, DD ate that, and fruit cup for dessert, DS ate that. DD and DH split chocolate bomb for dessert, circular ice cream on a cookie covered in hard chocolate. Dissapeared pretty quickly. DS and I shared cheesecake, very light and nice. On our plate was Lady and the tramp eating speghetti, and it was all hand drawn in chocolate! Absolutely beautiful!! Total bill, including tip: $111.00, for five of us.

    Nighttime light a gorgeous at MK. Caught the last bit of the lighting of the castle, breathtaking! I knew there were lights, but not like this. The castle also changes colour every few minutes, and I'm amazed all over again! Finished up some more rides(rode Buzz for the fourth time! and I got a score of 999,999, DH didn't believe me, so I had to get a dad sitting behind me to verify it:rotfl2: ) 15 minutes of fireworks were just wonderful, and Tinkerbell flew over our heads. Took 30 minutes to get to the car, which was pretty good considering the crowds. Everyone was exhausted from a wonderful day, my job complete!

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