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    Hi all,

    Yesterday we came back from a 13 night stay at Pop Century resort. When we arrived on sunday 1 may the Magical Express was not in operation. As usual we went to the Mears desk to pay for our transportation. This time of course one way transportation, since the Magical Express service is complimentary for all Disney resort guests starting on 5 may. Of course I told our agent from Dreamsulimitedtravel that we want to use the free transportation back to the airport on 14 may.
    After paying for our one way transportation with Mears we waited 20 minutes for a busAfter . It was a Magical Express bus.
    At check in we didn't get a voucher for our airport transportation on our departure day as our Dreamsunlimitedtravel agent had told me.
    On thu 12 may we relized we didn't get our vouchers for our transportation back to the airport, so I stopped at the front desk to ask about it. At the front desk at Pop Century they told me to ask it at an outside counter. I went looking and it was the counter for the airline check in. In line were people checking in with their bags. I decided to not go wait in this line but asking my question by using our rome phone.
    Because we didn't want to go back to our room I decided to phone them on friday 13 may. Firt I asked the front desk. They asked me if I got a letter on our room door. I told them I didn't get one. They connected me with another department. They asked me on which airline we were flying and what our destination would be. I thought that they should have that information via our travel agent from Dreams. When I told we are flying with United to Amsterdam with transfering planes at Washington Dulles she told me that we could not take part in the Magical Express. What??? The Magical Express should be for all resort guests and now we don't qualify because we are international guests. Of course I knew we have to check our bags our self in the airport, but we should at least get our free transportation.
    After they told me that we couldn't participate in the magical express she told me that we could stille book our airport transportation. She put me on hold. I was hearing music and I was waiting for someone from Magical Express they announced a few times. After a few minutes there was someone on the phone who told me I was speaking with Mears. She asked me which resort I was staying and our room number. Also she asked me which airline and flight number and our departure time. Our departure time was 11.20 in the morning. We got a pick up time at 8.10.
    Now at least we have a pick up time so our worries of our transportation are away. Still we don't have a voucher. Of course we can prove we are Disney resort Guests with our room keys so we dediced to just show up at the pick up time. The next morning we went on time to the pick up area.
    Our bags were taken in the bus cargo load and we got a seat on the bus. Also it seemed that the bags from the people who had checked their bags at the resort were put in the cargo load on the bus.
    We told that we didn't get a voucher. No problem. We got a replacement voucher to fill in that we handed to our driver. I think based on the vouchers Mears can get the money from Disney. The best part. We didn't need to pay.
    I'm not fully positive about this, but what I think is that people who checked their bags at the resort check in still need to bring their allready checked bags in person to the security drop off point in the airport

    At the end our Magical Express was magical for our money as espected. Not so magical was the fact that I needed to ask at different people about our voucher and our pick up time, ending with someone from Mears to book my pick up time. Since my travel agent had allready noted our flight information I thought that Disney should schedule our pick up time etc.

    The fact that we didn't get a voucher for airport transportation will be one of the problems they have with starting up the magical express system I think. Just wanted to let you know how our experiences were with Magical Express aka Mears Transportation.

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    Foreign guests returning home must always bring their luggage to the ME bus themselves because they must take the luggage through customs in person at the airport.

    All you need is a slip with the time to show up to catch the bus back to the airport. Be punctual! There is no assurance you can be put on the next bus (may be full) to the airport.

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