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Aug 18, 1999
The Orlando Sentinel has an article about the new plans. Aguel says the name and theme have not yet been determined. On the right-hand side is an aerial photo with the planned construction area circled.

Orlando Sentinel Article

I just compared the photo to the map on mouseplanet and it looks like it is the original Townhomes, nearest to the Marketplace, where they plan to build.
Thanks for the link Pam! Don't you find it odd that Aguel said that the Boardwalk Villa's that opened in '96 were "almost" sold out? Where on earth has this guy been???
Thanks PamOKW,

The Orlando paper is one of my favorite papers, I read it every day. Hopefully DVC will build a "1st Class resort".:D

Thanks so much for the link. Since I'm not really familiar with the DI, the aerial photo is great to show its location.

I don't know anything about the facilities, but the location is pretty interesting. Easy access to golf and DD.

Appreciate the "investigative reporting".

Chris -- I agree the comment about BWV is kind of odd. I wonder if the reporter/paper made an error and Aguel had actually said VWL. Someone else also commented how this is the first time DVC has so blatantly referred to the Villas as timeshares.
I thought the comment was odd too. The WLV opened in 98 not 96 didn't they. I wonder if maybe the reporter wasn't sure what he had said so he just looked something up to put in there.
I am very excited about this. I love the location and have stayed in the existing villas several times. I guess this means they can draw on existing facilities rather than starting from scratch, therefore saving some money.

Loribell, VWL actually opened last January '01, it's only been for sale for 12 months.... The comment about the BWV's opening in '96 is accurate... Maybe Aguel actually was referencing the VWL, but the reporter got it wrong & used BWV's instead... I think that's what happened... So who's going to email the newspaper about their mix up? One of us dedicated DVC'ers should!!

I agree, the releases were definitely worded as DVC as a timeshare instead of a vacation club... wording is everything of course!!
Thanks Pam for the link. The location looks very interesting. I've always admired the DI villas that faced PI..not the villa themselves, which look rather drab in with their brown color, but their lakeside location. I would think the view at night with all the lights from DDD & PI would be very beautiful. If they had boat service to cross the lake to DDD, imagine how great that would be for dining and entertainment options.

DI grounds are beautiful, never stayed in the villas, as I stated earlier, the outside never impressed me.

Took a cooking course 12/97 at DI, loved it, the grounds and the facilities. Of couse, where they are putting the villas I believe is quite a hike back to where you checked in, and I don't remember where the pool was located. It will be interesting to see if the new villas come complete with their own "front desk" and pool, or if they will use the existing DI facilities.

Has anyone actaully seen any activity where Eagle Pines will be built? Have the actually broken ground yet?
Looks like you would have a great view of the fire works at PI.

I thought I read a while back (after 9-11) that Eagle Pines was put on hold???

I was very disappointed. I think you absolutely get the most bang for your points at the DVC resorts and I figure the more they build... The more options you have. I hope they ARE going foward with EP.

I never had any desire to stay at DI, but maybe, a new DVC resort there might lure me in. I can't imagine that they wouldn't have boat service to DD. Like "Peggy Sue" said this would be great for dining.

OK.... OKW, BWV, VWL, BCV, VEP, VDI... WHATS THE NEXT RESORT????????? :jester:
This is too cool. Isn't there a path from DI to DTD? I think this will be another hot seller.


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