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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by 1stfamcruise, Jan 11, 2010.

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    I have a question on the online cruise documents . When you come to the payment section, if you select credit card how and when do you apply your disney rewards credits or gift cards. If I put a credit card in am I locked in to everything being billed to that card? Should I just check the cash option and then pay at the end of the cruise with my rewards/gift cards. I did select the cash box and it said your onboard limit is 200.00 does that mean I have an OBC of 200.00 or is that just a limit they put? and if I do have an OBC where do I find that information?
    Thanks this boards has been so helpful and planning our land/sea vacation we can't wait!!! 19 more days!!!
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    Just check cash option or if you do put a credit card you are not locked in. You can change the card when you check in. The last night of the cruise you can settle with gift cards, cash, or just leave it on your credit card.

    Your OBC depends on what you were offered through your travel agency. You will get a slip in your room telling you what you have has far as OBC. The $200 you are talking about is what the amount they will let you put on your room card. If you hit that they will make you pay before using anymore.
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    You do not have an OBC of $200, you have to put down $200 cash as a deposit when you check in at the terminal because you clicked 'CASH' as your onboard pay't method. You can click on the credit card option and use any method to pay your onboard account. If you want to apply the Disney Visa REwards card or gift cards you go to Guest Services on deck 3 to have this done. You have to do it before you charge the ship's limit for charging your credit card - it varies by length of cruise but is generally between $300-$400.

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