One HOT trip day 3

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  1. Bev J

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    Jan 26, 2000
    Sunday Sept 22
    Travelers: 3 couples who have traveled to gether but not to WDW
    B-46 (ME) T & M 50's J& Mac 60's
    D-49 DH

    Well we meet up in the hallway again but earlier this time 7:30, we are hoping to get in the pin line a little earlier today. Eat breakfast out on the patio area it is pretty nice today. Find out that the patio area is where the time share stuff is so we will eat inside from now on. We were never asked to do a time share, but it is anoying to see at breakfast.
    Anyway by the time we have our teeth brushed, take our meds and pee we leave by 8:20. Walk into Epcot at 8:40 and there is another big line but about half as long as yesterday. It still takes 2 hours to get the pins. Everyone inline is in a good mood and we made some trades while waiting. J, Mac and M did not wait in the line they went and did Energy, SSE and had several cold drinks. We got our pins and did the living seas.We hit it at feeding time and I would not want to be in that divers place with all the fish around you and the rays after you.
    We hopped onto the monorail to the MK. For the past 3 trips we have wanted to check out the Wilderness Lodge but it never happened. So this is the time. We should have just drove the van over to the lodge it took almost 1 hour to take the monorail, switch at the TTC, then the boat to Ft. wilderness then the lodge. We are starving. Got right into the Whispering Canyon Cafe, not very busy now. I had the pulled pork sandwich, it is served dry but with sauce on the side, very good. Hubby had the meatloaf and cleaned his plate, but what is it with green beans? We like them but for some reason everytime we ate them this trip they were mostly raw, yuck. T had chicken lots of food. Don't remember what everyone else had but all was good. There was not too much antics happening now. One man had to ride the pony around the dining room for being late for lunch. Had a couple of birthdays. Someone important must have been eating there since there was a table of older adults who were geting lots of attention, by the chef and several waiters, they were just about falling over themselves. Anyway we are full. We explored the resort, very nice, with a discount I would stay here but I would drive , too much effort to use the transportation. Mac bought a bag of rocks in the gift shop and you would have thought they were gold he was showing them to everyone. Made a few trades with some CM's.

    Took the boat to the MK and made it intime for the 3pm parade, It is not busy at all here today got spots on the porch in front of Tonys. But the sun is killing us we are just ready to melt. They opened the doors on the building and let the airconditioning out and that did help. The parade is just wonderfull. Not too many characters in it, maybe because of the heat. I am glad they don't make the CM's wear those heavy costumes, I would hate to see Tigger fainting during the parade.
    Head down mainstreet through the stores, made some pin trades. Not too many guests wearing lanyards. D and T are racing to get to CM's with pins. Why don't they split up?? We head into Adventure Land and do Jungle Cruise with about a 10 min wait. I always enjoy this ride and even the corny jokes are funny. Next stop PC, nice and cool, seems extra cool this time. But extra dark, is disney saving on the lighting?? It was hard to see sometimes.
    Had a cold drink and decided to do Splash. Did not tell J about the big drop or she would never have ridden. Anyway we only wait about 10 min to ride, did not need fastpass much this trip. Enjoyed our trip through Rabbit country. We had a heavy load in our boat and we all got pretty wet except j who wore here poncho. If felt good to be cooler. Wait where is the sun? Cloudy and the temp dropped to 90. We decide to hit BTMR. J and Mac ride the regular train. We are going the I conqured the world pin hunt and we need to find out what the name on the train is. So off they go. T sits this one out. The rest of us wait in line for 10 min or so and it starts to really pour rain. They anounce that due to lighting the ride may shut down. By the time we get on it is just a little sprinkle. We got the very back car, this is bad for my neck and I am sorry I rode it. Pop some motrin and we are waiting for J and Mac to get off the train when the rain returns with a vengance. Where are the ponchos- at the hotel? I am talking to M about this fact, I hate to buy more at $7 a pop. The lady next to me pulls a 2 pack of dollar store ponchos and gives them to me. I thank her and offer to pay for them she says she has plenty. She had a very cute granddaughter with her, about 2 years old. I gave her a minne as bell pin for the ponchos. She was happy. You really meet some nice people in the parks.
    It is really raining now and people are leaving the parks. We head over to the Hall of Presidents but it is closed, it is 6:15 and they close at 6. We heard the howling from the HM, thought it was closed but it had opened up the day so we went on after telling J that it is not a wild ride. She is on to our tricks.
    Head into Fantasy land, it is pretty crowded, do small world. Now all these old fogies will not ride anything else in fantasy land. I cannot convince them to take peters flight or poohs ride. By now it is 7:20 and we want to watch Specto so we get a spot in the circle and here is where the trouble starts. It is the smokers, they can't seem to understand that this is not a smoking area and they are puffing away, yuck. We noticed this through out WDW that smoking in designated areas is not enforced at all. People walking all over smoking and throwing the butts on the ground, even in the restrooms. If you are going to make a rule please enforce it.
    Anyway we enjoyed the parade. Head out the park and take the monorail to Epcot to get the Van.
    Stopped at Walgreens for nachos and stuff to eat at the hotel. Had a bite and sat in the hottub for a while. Our feet are really feeling it now.

    Tomorrow the grumbling starts. Day 4
  2. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Sorry about your neck - and yes the last car on thunder does whip you around pretty good - sounds like you all have a great day - thanks for posting!
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    Oct 9, 1999
    Wow...what a busy day :D

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    Feb 3, 2001
    Another busy day - off to day 4 !

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