Olimpic Opening Ceramonies Oddly Resemble ToN.

Does the Opening Ceramonies of the Winter Olimpic Games Resemble ToNs w/ the puppets.

  • Yes

  • No

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Jan 13, 2001
But it looks kinda like ToN.
All the puppets reminde me of the Sprite and Bird Man. Weard.
Anyone else think so to?
I could be mistaken, but I believe they have the same designer. They were designed by the costume designer that did The Lion King on Broadway.
Michael Currie Studios of Oregon did the puppets for the opening ceremonies as well as TON, The Lion King on Broadway, and Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade at DAK.

I'm pretty sure they did the storm trees, snowflakes, great wind (big circles), Stilt men, all the white animals, the trains, and the prarie grass. What a neat show! (I only wish Katie Couric and Bob Costas could have been a little less obtrusive... "Don't forget I'm here!" "Look at ME!")
I agree with Steve, they (especially Costas) didn't just take the ceremonies for what they were (a celebration), but had to interject their sarcasm and seem to make fun of a lot of really nice things that were happening. Jim McCay was terrible, I think his time has come to hang up the microphone.
I thought so too, but it wasn't just the puppets, sometimes the music sounded almost epcot-tish or something, I thought. And the little boy wondering around with the light reminded me of cirque de solay (however it is spelled) in some non-direct sort of way. Of course the best part of the opening session was Tiger flying.

Currie also built the puppets for Hunchback @ MGM and the second set of puppets for Legend of the Lion King. I thought that bison was really cool.
You could tell right off that it was the same guy!:D
Agree about Costas, Couric and McCay :( They were horrible! And the Olympics is no place for the sarcasm!!!
I've been listening to my Epcot CD in my car for the last week, so the TON music is stuck in my head anyway. I told my husband "that sounds like Disney" and he agreed. I thought it was lovely. Did anyone else feel that Jim McKay was having trouble speaking? Has he had a stroke? He sounded slurred.
Unfortunately we had company and it was impossible to focus as well as I would have liked. I have it on tape and look forward to rewatching it, especially now, knowing the Disneyesque similarities. Thanks S.Steve for the confirmation.

Yes, I felt really bad for Jim. He started off with some obvious slurring and after about 30 seconds he completely forgets what he wants to say. Talk about some awkward air time. I can still so clearly hear his "old" voice in my head. Bad move to bring him back and spoil that image.
would have been better if they didnt even speak during the celebration and i agree it looked like TON my girlfriend made the comment while we were watching. "honey that looks like the EPCOT parade."
WE all thought the same thing about the similiarity between ToN and the ceremony. I thought it was awesome. The Native Americans were awesome as well.

Jim McKay, I noticed the same thing about him. He was having a hard time talking. Dont' know what was wrong.
Jim McKay is "Mr. Olympic Voice" in my book, but yes, he seemed out of place that night. Maybe it was with who he had to relate to, or talking in a role that he wasn't very familar with. All NBC wants if flashy, hipper Olympics. McKay has always been reverent regarding the Games.
When McKay first came on the air Friday night.....he mentioned having been on ABC previously for the Olympic games.
Right after that he really began to stammer. I wonder if he realized he should not have said ABC when he was on NBC!!!!:confused:
But he really was out of place!
I also did not like the way Costas was interviewing President Bush!! There just seemed to be a lack of true respect on Costas's part. He is the President for gosh sakes:eek:

Bush was awesome.....sitting in the stands with our team!!! :D
McKay was introduced by Bob Costas as "Being on loan from ABC." I would venture that his stammer has more to do with age and medical condition than with nerves.
Also notice how they said that Currie designed the puppets to the Lion King on broadway, but did not even mention his bigger sucess in ToN/D and MJJS. NBC vs. ABC for you.
My teens even noticed the music and puppets sounded and looked like ToN. It was nice to have a distant touch of Disney at the Olympics.

The commentators should have kept quiet and let the viewers enjoy the show!

Apparently my 23mo dd noticed a similarity.....my mom had her that evening and commented that "Ayden liked the Olympic ceremony...I think it might of reminded her of something at Disney...she got very excited" LOL

Now I wish I had seen them!
Apparently my 23mo dd noticed a similarity.....my mom had her that evening and commented that "Ayden liked the Olympic ceremony...I think it might of reminded her of something at Disney...she got very excited" LOL

Now I wish I had seen them!


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