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Dec 30, 2003
Old: my mother's veil
New: shoes
Borrowed: wedding dress (worn by my aunt and sister-in-law)
Blue: handkerchief that I got from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

FSU Girl

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Oct 20, 2016
Old: My earrings that I've worn before
New: Necklace, Shoes, Dress
Borrowed: I don't have this yet. I'm going to ask my mom for a bracelet or something
Blue: My underwear lol. I couldn't think of where to have blue and figure this isn't visible.
  • lorimay

    Celebrating 32 Ears
    Dec 11, 2008
    When my daughter had her Disney wedding in 2008, she took a piece of the satin from my wedding gown and used that to wrap her bouquet as her old item.
    Yes, she cut up my dress, but not before she put on the thing and made fun of it from top to bottom.
    Especially the shoulders, LOL Gotta love the 80's.


    Sep 5, 2018
    Haven't done it yet. But I'm definitely wanting to keep with this old tradition! Thank you posters! I'm also getting ideas from you all.
    I'm going to be wearing a long silver hooded medieval style gown so I'll do something blue in my jewelry. Maybe borrow from my mom so that's old blue and borrowed. Or is it not good to pile them up like that? I was a bridesmaid last May and I kept the silver and blue metal pins that we were supposed to put in our hair (totally didn't work). I ended up adding them to some ribbon I found and wrapped around our bouquets. I might use that somewhere. (See why I need more ideas!)


    Jan 18, 2017
    Old: my earrings that my husband gave me as my first big gift

    New: my necklace he gave me as my wedding present

    Borrowed: a bracelet from my sister she wore for her wedding

    Blue: a charm I tied on my bouquet from DFTW.


    Earning My Ears
    Aug 31, 2018
    Not married yet, but considering I've been dating the guy for five and a half years, I'm allowed to dream at this point!

    Old- my grandmother's and mother's wedding bands (I wear them daily and I plan to wear them on my wedding day as well)
    New- dress
    Borrowed- not sure yet... maybe a hair clip from the girl who will be my maid of honor?
    Blue- the pair of blue opal earrings he gave me for a birthday
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