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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by scanmom, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. scanmom

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    Dec 29, 2000
    I have booked in May, 5 nites at CBR, 2 rooms, passes with free water park and more upgrade, for us and my parents (this is for their 40th anniversary), with the dining plan. Me and my mom went last year with the free dining plan, and loved it. We will have our 4 "kids" with us (they are ages 21, 18, 16, and 12).
    Now, I can get the Swan or Dolphin at a great rate (me and DH stayed at the Swan a few years ago and LOVED it), but I am torn about the dining plan. If we go to the Swan, the price of the rooms and tickets (through undercovertourist) would be $1766.00 cheaper than the pkg I have booked thru Disney for CBR. Me and my mom had so much to eat on the dining plan that we were stuffed the whole time we were there, and it seemed like our whole focus that trip was food!! Which was great, but with a big group, that may not be a good idea. So, what would you do? And would we be able to eat for the $1766.00? or close to it?(all 8 of us). We probably would not do a TS each day if we were not on the dining plan. Thanks!!!!! :sunny:
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    Aug 16, 2003
    i think you'd be cheaper with the plan...we spent a little over 55 an adult a day, usually eat 2 meals, 1 cs, 1ts usually , sometimes split at the sit down which would come out to over 2000 for your group. with teens..i think you might want all that food if they are boys:rotfl2: could you maybe split 2 ts a day for the lighter eaters? that's what i am considering. ( split breakfast and dinner, then cs for lunch) since my sil and daughter eat 3 meals a day and the gbaby will want to eat too.
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  4. lizanne

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    Apr 8, 2000
    I've never used a Dining Plan so I don't have that experience, but your own experience tells you that FOOD became the focus of your trip. I have friends who have told me the same thing.

    I much prefer the location of the Swan/Dolphin to the CBR, and you already know you "love" it.

    I'm not sure it would end up saving you money by changing to the Swan/Dolphin because you'll spend that $1700 on food, but since you asked, I'd make the change.
  5. formernyer

    formernyer DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2006
    I had never been on a vacation before where food was such a focus, mainly because I'm cheap. I'm the person that you see bringing sandwiches for lunch and eating at an offsite buffet or fast food joint for dinner.

    Last week my kids and I spent the week at WDW using the DDP. Yes, food became a major aspect of the trip, but I don't think it was a bad thing at all. We LOVED trying out expensive restaurants where we never would have otherwise dined. The food was wonderful and we ate like pigs. We still had plenty of time to enjoy the parks (and we did 4 parks in 4 days!).

    Unless they plan is overhauled and becomes prohibitively expensive I'd never travel to WDW again without it.
  6. TigrLvsPooh

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    Jul 6, 2001
    That is a tough decision because basically you're traveling with 8 adults. The dining plan is nice, but the Swan definitely wins hands down over CBR. Are the kids big eaters? I think you'll just have to decide which is more important, food or resort. I love the pools at S/D... they are way less crowded than CBR. And the boat to MGM and Epcot is nice... and you'd have all the fun nightlife around the boardwalk.

    We did the dining plan last year and felt like eating took over the whole trip. Normally we don't eat that much, but we really enjoyed all the food. It's hard to decide which is better. I think I'd probably go with the Swan just because CBR isn't one of my favorites. Good luck deciding!!! :)
  7. DebIreland

    DebIreland ಠvಠ

    Feb 5, 2005
    Just to add further to your options, you could also price out buying an Annual Pass for one person which means you could a) get room discounts (which I believe are 40 per night off each room for May and b) get the Disney Dining Experience card which gives you 20% off food and beverages at Disney table-service and many counter-service restaurants. You can get the 20% off for up to 10 people in your group. You would then have much greater flexibility on your dining.

    The AP of course would cost you approx 250 dollars more (really not sure exactly how much) than a MYW hopper and the DDE card will cost 60 but you would offset that against a saving of 440 dollars on your Room (44 incl. tax off per room per night).

    You would then be giving up the free water park upgrade so it depends whether you were really going to use those extras or not. Paying out of pocket for the water park might negate any savings - you'd need to do the sums! Good luck in your decision.

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