"Official" Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2016 - Have Yourself a Very Mickey Christmas.


DIS Veteran
Jul 16, 2008
I am so sorry I failed to give a report when we returned. Life was crazy :crazy: the past 2 weeks. We attended the December 8th party and for the most part it was a success. We lined up for the Dwarfs after our dinner at Skipper Canteen; wait was around an hour but they are so entertaining it didn't seem that long. They came out a few minutes early. We then went to line up for Scrooge and Donald and that wait was almost as long. I hope I won't get "flamed" :goodvibes but I really wish they would limit the autographs to maybe 2 to a group. It took FOREVER for some of of the larger groups with everyone wanting autographs. Pictures went fast...we were in/out the greeting in 3-4 minutes by only taking pictures. The lines would move SO much faster and I wasn't the only one a little irritated with the extended wait. A couple of families left the line because of it. That said, our party plan was about 80% effective. Had we skipped Scrooge and Donald we would have completed ALL on my list. Treats were good...especially the cider. Watched the parade in Frontierland and had a GREAT view. It was still crowded but not overly so. We WILL attend the party again if we get the chance. :tink:


DIS Veteran
May 23, 2010
We had a great time at the Holiday Dessert party, highly recommended. Walked up and got a seat on the curb facing main street about 8:30. Had an awesome seat right against the railing for Holiday wishes- it was great to have a seat!


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