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Earning My Ears
Jan 20, 2002
We have an 11 DD and an 8 yr old DS (who will be one month shy of 9 yrs old when we cruise)? From what I understand the Oceaneer's lab is for kids 8-12, correct? Also, our kids are on the shy side and don't always want to participate in 'group activities'. Sometimes they are much happier just off doing things on their own.....computers, etc. Are there activities that they can 'do on their own' in the lab, or do they have to be participating with a group? I know once they warm up to the other kids they will join in, but sometimes it just takes them awhile.

For the most part, I am sure we will be doing things together, but the clubs will work out great while DH and I go to the spa for some 'me' time. Thanks for the input!
Hi Mickeyfan!

Yes, both kids will be in the Lab but in different age groupings...they are 8-9 and 10-12. There is plenty of "free time" in the Lab where they can just play with the computers or the toys there. Organized activities are part of the programming as well, but my daughter also really enjoyed the free time. If they are signed in to the programming during an organized activity, they will need to participate in the activity, however....the counselors can't oversee kids if they aren't with the group.

Have a great cruise! :)
we allowed our 9 year old DD to check herself in and out of the O. lab as she wanted. We took talk-a-bouts (walkietalkie things) with us and she would just call us and let us know where she was going. We felt very safe on board; normally we are on the overprotective side. Our DD made friends very quickly and they usually walked around in 2s or 3s. Hope that helps!
I would suggest that you look at a kids navigator and review the activities with your kids before you cruise. Read the descriptions to get a feel for what the group activities are like. The 8-9s and 10-12s usually do not do the same thing at the same time, so if your kids are shy it might be good to make them aware of that in advance. I only remember my DSs being together for one activity and free time while in the Lab.

My DSs were 8 & 10 when we cruised. They have always been in day care, so are quite used to the type of environment and program that the Lab offers. Even still, I don't think either of them really made friends with any other kids - not that I recall them mentioning. My younger DS is shyer, and took longer to warm up to the group-type activities, but both participated in a variety. I think both preferred the free times when they could just play video games or on the computers, but that was mainly late at night. Even so, both really enjoyed the cruise and can't wait to go back!

Keep in mind that they don't have to be in the Lab all the time to enjoy the cruise. Except when you (adults) were specifically looking forward to some non-kid time, you can always hang out together. Besides the Lab, there's also the pool, movies, the arcade, ping pong, meals, shows, island excursions, and other activities to fill the days. We did a little bit of everything!

my DD and I "met" other cruisers that would be on our ship here on the DIS. There were several that had daughters my daughter's age and we arranged to meet on sailing day. So my DD knew some other girls before she every even made it to the lab. I think that helped.


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