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Happiest when I have a countdown
Oct 31, 2010
Who else is braving the heat in August??? :sunny:
Check in here with your dates, hotel, and share a little about your trip!
Family? Friends? Anniversary? Birthday? First visit? Inquiring minds want to know. :goodvibes

August high/low temp average 89/65
August has the lowest chance of precipitation

There are no major holidays observed in the US in August.

Most schools in the US have begun their year by the end of the month.
Some schools wait until the first full week of September.

Pixar Fest will last through the end of the month. Ending on Sep. 3rd.

Disney official hours & schedule: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/calendars/month/2018-08-01/

Post #44 (page 3) by NorthernCalMom has some wonderful advice about DL in August. Check it out :thumbsup2

per theluckyrabbit:
Annual CHOC Walk (fundraiser for Children's Hospital Orange County) is Sunday, August 26th. For anyone interested, join the Walk! https://www.chocwalk.org
HM will go down for the Halloween overlay (HMH) sometime during the third or fourth week of the month (usually on the 20-somethingth). When the official overlay dates are announced, you'll see it on this forum!
Disney tends to switch to the low season entertainment schedule by the last week of the month, so keep this in mind with planning.
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Happiest when I have a countdown
Oct 31, 2010
  • NorthernCalMom 7/30-8/5 DLH
  • dmcdixie 7/31-8/2 GCH
  • unbeknownst 8/1-8/2
  • martinm 8/1-8/3 PPH
  • finchy3 8/1-8/14 GCH
  • SeiterClan 8/2-8/4 PPH
  • PoohBearFriends 8/2-8/6 PPH
  • KateP85 8/2-8/7
  • Elk Grove Chris 8/2-8/7 Grand Legacy
  • jhaig 8/3 for 1 (awesome) day
  • Jillikins 8/3-8/9 GCH
  • BriannaRuth 8/4-8/9 Candy Cane
  • donac 8/4-8/9 BWPPI
  • lunasea 8/5
  • unbeknownst 8/6-8/7
  • maleficent55 8/6-8/10 Candy Cane
  • PairOfDice 8/7-8/9 Desert Inn
  • gsrieff 8/7-8/10 DLH
  • kelmac284 8/7-8/10 Desert Inn
  • ShariM 8/8-8/14 BWPPI
  • mabdallah 8/9-8/13 HOJO
  • lcvb 8/9-8/16 Tropicana
  • njmousefest 8/10-8/18
  • CharleneTheDM 8/10-8/19 Hyatt
  • Aryn 8/11-8/15 Hyatt Place
  • mickeyplanner08 8/11-8/15 HOJO
  • DBMC 8/11-8/17 HOJO
  • YayforMickey 8/11-8/17
  • FoxC63 8/12-8/15 Fairfield Inn
  • sheri236 8/12-8/15 GCH
  • pixleyyy 8/12-8/19 GCH
  • mel2014 8/13-8/16 Del Sol
  • TMak 8/13-8/16 GCH
  • Little E 8/13-8/17 DLH
  • PrincessTracie 8/13-8/27 Embassy
  • kengquist 8/14-8/16 BWPPI
  • scunnins3 8/14-8/18 PPH
  • swimchick1984 8/14-8/20
  • JeannieJay mid-August
  • shooting4life 8/15-8/19 Desert Inn
  • pixiepowers 8/15-8/19 GCH
  • amlc 8/16-8/20 GCH
  • Pills 8/16-8/20 GCH
  • angiepharm 8/17
  • lizziegirl450 8/17-8/19 HOJO
  • Liz Z 8/18-8/20 DLH
  • MIChessGuy 8/18-8/25 Desert Inn
  • Shadowcat70 8/20-8/24 Homewood
  • WillowHaven 8/20-8/24 Raffles
  • StitchyPoo81 8/20-8/25 Candy Cane
  • O'12ears 8/21-8/24 GCH
  • kyrkea333 8/21-8/29 Clarion
  • KelsBleep 8/22-8/26
  • JCinMN 8/22-8/26 Fairfield Inn
  • tlcdoula 8/22-8/27 Del Sol
  • mummybear 8/23-8/26
  • StarlitNight05 8/23-8/26 GCH
  • MinnieCM 8/23-8/27 DLH
  • Mintycake 8/25-9/1 PPH
  • Bluewild79 8/26-9/1 Desert Inn
  • mort1331 8/26-9/1 GCH
  • Indiana Scott 8/27-8/31
  • WDWvet 8/27-9/3
  • rue005 8/28-8/30
  • Dizzy4DL 8/28-9/1 Desert Inn
  • biochemgirl 8/29-9/3
  • goofyfordisney 8/30-9/2 GCH
  • emmybee 8/30-9/3 DLH
  • MikeRx 8/31-9/3 Tropicana
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Happiest when I have a countdown
Oct 31, 2010
I'll start us off :)
My dd (16) and I have always gone to DL with family. This time we decided to make it a mom/daughter trip. We're staying at the Desert Inn, and we'll be there 8/28-9/1. We'll also be taking a day trip to Huntington Beach. :beach:
  • kyrkea333

    Luckiest Mom!
    Sep 26, 2007
    August 21 - 29, Clarion
    Me, my daughter who will be 21 and my son who will be 16.
    Our last kick at the can all together before she starts work full-time and he goes into grade 11. It will get trickier for us to manage a trip together for quite a few years after this, so this trip will be kind of bittersweet.


    Mar 28, 2018
    August 26 - September 1st
    Desert Inn and Suites

    Hi! I'm Talia. My husband and I will be driving from Washington state to Disneyland with our 4 kids for 5 whole park days at the end of August. The kids will be DD1-10.5, DD2-8, DS1-6.5 and DS2-2 (in fact today is his 2nd birthday!) My mom and step dad will also be flying from WI to meet us there....but it's a surprise for the kids! They're going to be so excited! This is the kids' 2nd trip, my 5th and not sure for hubby but he grew up nearby and went fairly often as a kid. My mom has been there a few times but my step dad has never even been to CA or any Disney park. Eek! So fun! We also have some school friends who will be there the same days and some family who live locally will be joining us. We're celebrating our wedding anniversary, my mom and step dad's anniversary, my early birthday and our friend's son turns 6 on one of our park days.
    I've never been to Disneyland in summer and I just can't wait!! We're going to visit family the week before Disneyland and hit up the beach and Legoland too.
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    Cant get enough of DisneyWorld
    Apr 14, 2008
    August 20-25
    me, DH, DS (5) and DD (16). Candy Cane Inn

    We are WDW vets and this time we thought we would change it up a bit and try DL. We are also sight seeing California for a few days before. We are doing 4 day park hoppers with max pass.
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    DIS Veteran
    Apr 8, 2008
    August 3-11 WDW Pop Century
    August 11-15 Holiday Inn Express Anaheim
    me, DH, DD 17 and DS 16
    First trip to DL since I was three. Kids have never been.
    Super excited to get in one final trip before DD starts college.

  • shooting4life

    Apr 26, 2018
    Still trying to decide 8/15-8/17 or 8/20-8/22

    My wife wants to meet with a friend of hers that weekend in SoCal. It looks like the SoCal pass opens up the week of 8/20 so I am leaning towards 8/15-8/20


    Sep 20, 2013

    We are going the 20-24th, and then doing a couple days in Legoland (1st time!) afterwards. It's going to be me, DH, DD11. and DS8. I would love to have my mom join us for a couple days, but I don't think she will be able to get the time off. We are going to stay at BW Raffles.

    We did one family trip to Disneyland in Feb 2015 and I took my youngest on a mama/son trip for our birthdays in Oct 2016. (My oldest chose a cruise for her birthday.) It will be our first time in summer. I'm a little nervous about the heat because we are PNW'ers through and through. I tend to start melting once it hits 75*.... My oldest switched to public school from homeschooling last year, though, so now we have to work around the school schedule.


    Feb 12, 2010
    I'll be in Disneyland from August 1-2 and then again August 6-7th. We're getting married in Walt Disney World on July 21st and then flying out to California after our honeymoon to have another reception with my fiancé's family. They live about an hour from Disneyland and I'm SO excited that we're managing to sneak in 4 park days. I've never been to Disneyland, so I am SUPER excited.
  • MIChessGuy

    Proud, But Not a Redhead
    Dec 16, 2008
    I will be staying August 18-25 at the Desert Inn & Suites. Last summer was my first trip to Disneyland since 1984. Although I had planned to switch back to WDW, I liked Disneyland so much (along with side trips to USH, the Santa Monica Pier, and Canter's Deli) that I am coming back. I am a little worried about the motel's parking situation, which seems to be tight in terms of available space, but they are appealing in terms of overall price and walking convenience to DLR. Also looking forward to another stop at Shakey's Pizza on Harbor north of I-5. When I lived in L.A. briefly as a little kid, we went to Shakey's a fair amount, and last year was, to my recollection, my first visit there since 1973.


    Apr 27, 2011
    August 9-13th, 2 days at DL/DCA, 1 beach day, HOJO!
    We were not planning on going to Disneyland, however my 3 year old was with me when we dropped my mom at the airport (seatac) and was in awe of the planes. We wanted her to experince the plane(shes never been on one, we drove last time)so we needed somewhere to go, aka Disneyland of course. It will be me, my dh, dd (9), and my dd(3.5 at 38.5 in. right now.....). We just added this quick trip before another 7 day beach trip with family, in Tillamook OR.

    I think I can handle the heat was there last Oct (moms only trip), one day was 107*. Crazy hot weather. But I love going in the summer long hours, warm weather, and little refurbs...


    Aug 21, 2012
    DH and I will be there for a week, mid-August. It'll be the 4th, and last, week long visit in our "year of Disney" (we bought annual passes, even though we live in Canada). We've never been in the summer, although we were there in last September's heat.


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 7, 2009
    DH and I will be there for my Birthday!!! we have another couple coming with us (they don't know what they are in for haahaha) Staying at Del Sol August 22-27th.

    I am hoping to squeeze one more trip in before my annual pass expires in October but I am not sure I can swing it.


    DIS Veteran
    Sep 10, 2008
    Yay! I've been waiting to see an August thread. :) I will be there with my DH, my parents(aka best grandparents ever!) & our 6 kids ages 4.5-16 and we will be staying at PPH August 2nd-4th. This a surprise trip for my kids after spending 4 days at the beach in Oceanside! So excited! :)


    DIS Veteran
    Oct 6, 2016
    We got back from our April trip about a week and a half ago, and I'm already thinking of an August trip for my birthday. It'd be short -- August 23 to 26 with park days on August 24th & 25th (my actual b-day). We would stay at GCH if the plans go through. DH thinks I am nuts that I already want to plan another trip, but I keep reminding him: a) This is our Southwest Companion Pass year -- so we need to use it!, b) 2019 will be a hot mess due to SWGE, c) It's my birthday!, d) It's Disneyland!

    I'll update you guys if I go through with it! Wish me luck :-)


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